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April ’15 Horoscope

By Caitlin Smith SF-based astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo looks into her crystal ball to forecast your fashion future—so you’ll be all fabulous, with no faux-pas. Be at the top of your game this month and discover your sign’s essential power piece (because you can handle almost anything that comes your way when you’re wearing the right outfit), emoji, ballad, and more. ARIES March 21 – April 19 There’s been major fireworks happening with the stars lately, and it’s making for some intense energies for us mere mortals this spring. The most important thing you should know about your month is that if you’re feeling cray, you’re hella likely to act cray too. Don’t take on extra stuff this month unless you seriously feel like you can handle it. You need to tend to your emotional comfort and wellness before you go trying to manage the rest of the world, Baller. Take a break and fill yourself up so that you can better cope with the screwed up world we’re living in. How you participate is the most important part of what you do, so don’t rush in trying to ‘get it over with’. Act with purpose, and when you can’t do ...

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Our Grand Opening!

By Caitlin Smith In case you haven’t heard, we opened our second brick-and-mortar store in Santa Monica this weekend! We celebrated the only way we know how—with good music, beautiful friends, balloons, yummy treats and drinks, and a whole lot of shopping, of course. Read on to see more pics and then get your booty down to the store to experience the real deal. …more Source:: Like this:Like Loading...

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Uber x Nasty Gal

By Caitlin Smith We’re partnering with Uber on a nation-wide contest to win a round trip to L.A., two nights stay in a hotel, a $500 shopping spree at the Nasty Gal Santa Monica store, and a styling session with Sophia herself! Uber will be providing four rides up $150 for the winner. Enter the contest by using the “NASTYGAL” promo code on the Uber app. Those new to Uber can enter the contest by going to You only have until Friday, March 27th to enter, so get going! …more Source:: Like this:Like Loading...

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Gelarah Mizrahi

By Caitlin Smith Starting Saturday, March 21st, you can enter to win an amazing Gelareh Mizrahi bag! The rules are simple: 1. Follow Nasty Gal on Facebook 2. Share our Gelareh Mizrahi Facebook post promoting the bag sweepstakes 3. Make sure you enter before 29th! Two lucky winners will receive a Gelareh Mizrahi handbag. What are you waiting for? Get posting! …more Source:: Like this:Like Loading...

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Made In Hell-A Mix

By Caitlin Smith In celebration of the very first day of spring (and Friday!), we had our good friends (and lovers of everything California’s about) at Made In Hell-A put together a mix that’s perfect for sunny day cruising in the car, lounging on the beach, and backyard parties. Grab a fruity cocktail, some shades, and just press play. …more Source:: Like this:Like Loading...

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    Skip the Crowds and Play

    When Kay suggested that we take a fashion field trip to the mall I felt my stomach turn and my skin begin to crawl.  Memories of my father barking out military-like instructions and the panic I felt knowing that I only had 15 – 20 minutes to buy school clothes for the entire year that would somehow allow me to fit in with my peers.  HA!  Talk about a monumental task.  There was absolutely no way to assuage the pressure of accomplishing the impossible; being a white-skinned Mexican girl who was too tall for the children’s department and too skinny for the teen’s department made clothing options beyond awkward.  On top of that, my budget was meager as was my confidence.  As a rule, I go clothes shopping twice a year, mostly to avoid the process as much as possible, and for simplicity’s sake.  Despite my reservations, I agreed to go.  Maybe we’d find some inspiration tucked between racks of baubles or folded neatly into piles.  I braced myself for the fluorescent lights, glaring ads, meandering mallrats, maddening Christmas music, and miserable clerks. I never would have guessed that we’d find inspiration in a bedazzled trip down memory lane. Speaking of ...

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  • What's Your Fashion Superpower? Virago Magazine

    Three Divas Reveal Their Fashion Superpowers: Simple Secrets, Divine Results

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    Fashion Can Be Fun And Inexpensive

  • Oh, Fitch, Please

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    Oleg Korolev/A New Olde Master

    Oleg Korolev can be described as a “new master”.  Elements of olde masters infiltrate his work, yet he remains completely modern and original. Spirituality is evident even in his paintings where it is not centralized. The subjects of his work are not “non descript” figments but rather real people…imagined or not. His ability to capture metaphor with paint is extraordinary. And his use of golden hues gives his art a divine, edenic feel. In a digitized world, it is beautiful to see art with depth and texture. One can almost smell the oil paint and museum floors.   Ara: When did you first discover that you were an artist? Oleg Korolev: Perhaps it had to do with the inner feelings, subjectiveemotions, which everyone has in very early childhood. This is a sort of condition, which then could not be labeled or recognized as a concept based on time and space dimensions.I guess it happened with me in the pre-conceptual age. When one, seeing the sun, still doesn’t know that this is a star with such a name. When one, feeling the rain drops on his shoulders, still is not aware that this is water. And when one, looking at a tree, ...

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  • Nick Cave - Soundsuits at the Institute of Contemporary Art

    Nick Cave Soundsuits at the ICA, Boston, MA

  • 130806-Kathleen-Hanna

    Jes’ Best of 2013

  • Creating the dark Goddess

    Tom Bagshaw: Rebel Fairy Tales

  • marc.

    Mark Reynolds Interview: Polaroid Pencil

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