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Where Can A Girl Get a Drink Around Here?

Ever had an Americano? No, not talking about the coffee, I’m talking about the cocktail. Well head over to the Avery Bar where mixologist, Jayki will fix you the historic and peaceful concoction.

Happily hob nobbing with these Bostonians was Detroit’s own Stephanie K, noted singer/songwriter who, one night prior, sang the national anthem at the Celtics-Nets. Along with a host of Detroit Pistons, the place was rockin’.

About the drink: Originally called the Milano Torino for the origins of the Cinzano a type of sweet vermouth from the south of Italy, Turin, and Compari, the bitter liquor from the north, Milan, it became known as the peace drink of the nation, bringing together the northern and southern provinces of the war torn country and became known as the North-South. During WWII American GIs slurred ’em down but the bucket and it became known as the Americano.

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