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TxE – Shash Thumper (Blouse)

Portland hip hop group TxE, AKA Tope, AKA Epp, break from the crowd and proceed to drop a genre-expanding, sonic tab of acid into the bland landscape of hip hop influenced pop. ‘Shasha Thumper’. Produced by Calvin Valentine, better known as G_Force, is aided by an atmospheric sample from hometown indie heroes ‘Blouse.’ This melancholy mutation of classic hip hop beats and 80s influenced synth-pop is the perfect addition to your springtime soundtrack. A love song about the age old youthful mistake of missing the love that’s right in front of you.

” I let you walk on by/ like Isaac in a haze”

Word play for ‘daze’ kids, so don’t sleep. Check the single and the already new classic project ‘VS PRTLND’. It will move your soul.

TxE – SASHA THUMPER (Blouse)from the album ‘Vs PRTLND’
Produced by G_Force aka Calvin Valentine
Raps by Tope x Epp
Cuts by DJ Celsius
Photo Credit Mike Grippi
For booking or more info: TxEMusic@gmail.com

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