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Totsy–Music’s Shiny New Toy


Totsy is Marlene Dietrich smoking a long Hollywood
cigarette in the back of a nightclub. Their fusion of swing and toy music is an
original reinvention. Lead vocalist, Beth Curry, sounds like a seductive cupie doll. I want
to take her out of the box and dress her up. She’s sexy without even trying. Pinup backup
singers, stand up base, and strings give Totsy something that I haven’t seen in
band lately…style and incredible sound. 
A snapshot:
“Little White Secrets” by Totsy is a combination of calliope
and burlesque– a carnival long after dark. Where the strip below is lit but
empty and there is just a girl and boy on a ferris wheel, kissing under a night sky. It’s a stand out song by a band that is creating an echo in straight sound.


“Dope on a Rope” is jazz hands and flapper.


“Fall Away” is a girl in a bar with a drink after a breakup.
Just the jukebox and a few guys playing pool.


“Ball and Chain” is love. Not movie star love but the kind
of love where the differences are the best part.


Totsy is a new and reoccurring tide of original music. They are touring with the Brian Setzer Orchestra. Let’s hope they stick around after the show. They’ve got something.

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Ara Harris
Music junkie, Atari 2600 bringer backer, word maker upper, loves to photograph and write about suburban decay. Ara grew up on a corner lot in small town Ohio. She began escaping the micro minds of the Midwest by listening to music, watching b films, and touring the cities in her mind. She wrote poetry on the back of algebra tests and asked Lou Reed to take her to prom. Two decades later she self published a full collection of poetry that one reader described as “a Tom Verlaine riff in every synapse”. She believes that we all have a gift, we just have to find it.

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