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SXSW — Review —‘Tragedy Girls’-Guts, Glory and Girl Power

“Tragedy Girls” Is Killing SXSW This Year!

Tragedy Girls is a beautiful joyride making its rounds at SXSW this year. Smart, fierce, fresh and completely homicidal, the film follows the lives of two teenage girls with attitude and tenacity who kick ass.

What more could you want?

Not sold? Well, okay. Here goes.

Sadie (played by Brianna Hildebrand, Deadpool) and McKayla (Alexandra Shipp, X-Men: Apocalypse) are social media-obsessed “besties” with typical high-school interests like prom and boys. Are you seeing the image of Winona in “Heathers” with the cigarette yet? The girls shared interest in slayin’ via their “Tragedy Girls” blog are what really binds them though. So when a spree of murders happens in their town, what would any pair of whip-smart, bad-ass divas do? That’s right. Push their brand.

Utilizing a hormonal high-school bait-boy  (yes, think “Scream”) they set a trap for the killer (Kevin Durand), kidnap him and demand solid advice on how to get away with murder. The girls embark on a plan of how to gain followers while spilling blood. What ensues is a bunch of mostly botched attempts at killing a la “Shaun Of The Dead”.  Some straight up, girl power, horror hilarity (mostly hilarity) had me hooked from the get go. What really draws you in is the strong tie between the two girls and the funny misadventures that follow. Girls to the front, with laughter and blood? Sold. Winona is lighting a cigarette in front of a smoldering building as we speak.

Director/co-writer Tyler MacIntyre’s latest is a smart, funny roller coaster ride filled with wit, gore and powerful best friends that aren’t boy-obsessed.


Hashtag: #besties #followforfollow. We’ve followed 4-evah.

Check out more of the SXSW film line-up here. And check back for more reviews. The line up is amazing this year.

Keep creating! xoxo

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