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Submission Of The Week: Stephanie Kong
Submission Of The Week: Stephanie Kong

Submission Pick Of The Week

My Submissions pick of the week comes from Stephanie Kong, a young songstress from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Stephanie took matters into her own hands and bought an electric guitar when she was just starting high school.”My parents didn’t really care about music and really discouraged any music but I guess everything changed around the summer during my freshman year. I basically bought my own guitar from a flea market…Trader Jacks..It was just a cheap Fender Squier. And I basically just taught myself how to play guitar.” Later she’d add mandolin, ukulele, piano, and percussion to her repertoire.

She writes songs that deal with deep emotional issues,like loneliness,poverty and abuse. She says, “One of my songs, it’s called Her. Her is about a personal story/suicide during my junior year of high school. I was caught in between family conflict (abuse, seeing my sister delve into drugs, and seeing my eldest sister taken advantage by guys, and I was made fun a lot in school. I had no friends. There was one other Mt. Lebanon resident/graduate girl that talked me out of it through facebook messaging. Afterwards, I wanted to be her friend because I thought she was genuine and would listen. Unfortunately, she did not feel the same. She got caught in the high school mentality…It made me depressed but I want to be able to help other kids with suicidal issues.”

Ultimately, Stephanie wants to empower people and through her work inspire and motivate teens. “I want to help other people realize that they can overcome these obstacles and become something great.”

To hear more of her compositions, check out her bandcamp page: http://stephthelyricist.bandcamp.com/

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