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JD Mason, Artist
JD Mason, Artist

Submission Of The Week

This week’s submission comes to us from James in England. He’s a very talented illustrator. I asked him to write something up about his work and this is what he had to say.

JD: My name is JD Mason and I often go by the pseudonym Glasgow Oyster; not because I hail from Scotland but because I have been and loved the place and it is the only city where I lovingly received serious poisoning from oysters which is always a roulette.

SkullbonesArtwork  JD Mason
Skull & Bones, by JD Mason

Jes: I’m glad to know that since I’m going to Scotland this summer.

JD: I am currently based in Norwich in the UK; a small cultural city that has the best Creative writing course in the country so for a small town then there is a lot of cool shit going on to inspire me. I studied fine art and then design and I am currently a freelance illustrator and graphic designer with a background of working for design agencies, charities and publishers in both London and Norwich.

Jes: Sounds like you do have a lot going on, and as a creative writer myself, I’d love to hear more about the program in Norwich sometime. Tell me more about your art.

Carlot_Roses2  JD Mason
Carlot Roses, by JD Mason

JD: My art and illustration style is working with the starkness of mono; using fine art pens to build up layers of little marks until I get a multi-layered piece that can evolve in many directions. I get my inspiration from heading to the library and getting out many tomes that specialize in anything from Ornithology to Eastern European folk tales that generate many images and ideas in my minds eye. Also walks in cemeteries and the countryside and bleak days on the quaint North Norfolk coast and the darkest and strangest corners of the web!

Jes: Inspiring. Your work reminds me of Art Nouveau, but much more stark and dark, at times like Edward Gorey.

JD: For the last couple of years I have been working on a series of black and white detailed pieces that I have exhibited locally and just recently, I have produced some artwork for a local band. Other inspirations come from art, music and film and can be anything from the folk music of Alastair Roberts to Robbie Basho and the films of Lynch, Tarkovksy, Bresson, Goddard & Shane Curuth, Gerhard Richter amongst countless others. Illustration inspiration comes from Savage Pencil, Crumb, Arik Roper and many others. My other main passion and creative outlet is playing and composing music and I have played live in London and Norwich. The style is kind of detuned and layered avant-garde and improvised folk music with many different timbres and textures that build and swell.

Jes: And you’ll be working with us and you’re available for commissions? Right?

JD: Right. Please visit my website. And give me a like on FB.

My Website is: http://www.jdmglasgowoyster.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kazimierz_alveoli

OWlposter  JD Mason
OWI Poster, by JD Mason
Swan_3  JD Mason
Swan, by JD Mason

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