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Stephen Colbert and Chelsea Handler Urge Us To Grieve, But Keep Fighting-Abolish Electoral College

It’s been a truly horrifying and disgusting election. We’re all exhausted and grieving.

People want to pack their tooth brushes, ex-pat-it and forget this horrible nightmare ever happened.

That’s an option, but most of us truly care very much about this country and the people in it.

I know I do.

I’m proud of my father who came here on a boat over 50 years ago for a better life.

And it’s beautiful to see people’s voices rising up in protest.

Freedom of protest and assembly is crucial at a time like this.

And art. Let’s make Reagan-era art again.

We can’t give up. We can grieve though. And we need to honor that grief.

So keep your heads up and reserve your energy. We’re going to need it for the next four years.

And here’s a little comic relief from Stephen Colbert, reminding us that we can’t quit.


Chelsea Handler also had a tear-filled message to all the demoralized women out there.

And Barbara Boxer called for a revamp of the Electoral College. Below is the form to sign the petition.

Sign the petition: End the Electoral College

Stay strong, ladies. We’re gonna keep rising.

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