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New Single: TxE-“Hallways” (Soundcloud Stream)





(Soundcloud Stream)



Portland trio TxE (Tope, Epp, and Calvin Valentine) continues to build momentum for their upcoming “Vs PRTLND” with a brand new single entitled “Hallways” sampling Portland’s own Brainstorm. Producer G_Force lays a dark sound scape for rappers Epp and Tope to explores the topic of party girls taking it too far. Epp tells a tale of a young girl moving to LA and picking up a drug habit while TOPE offers a double time flow talking about good girls he used to know turned bad, all over a live drums for producer G_Force. Be sure to check out TxE “Vs PRTLND” coming very soon, a concept project sampling all Portland indie rock bands.



PRTLND representers, Green Team Official players, Calvin Valentine, Epp and Tope comprise the group TxE. Valentine is responsible for the sonic tapestries Tope and Epp weave stories and life philosophies over.

While Epp was born in Georgia, he has adopted Oregon as his home. Calvin Valentine moved to Portland from his hometown of Eugene in 2009. Already having a relationship with Epp from a DJ gig, he invited him over to the studio. Tope, a Portland native, had been working with Epp and the two were considering doing a collaborative record.

After one session in the lab the chemistry was undeniable and TxE was formed. Since then they’ve released three projects: Rain In Cali EP (2010), We Get It In True (2012) and Tetherball EP (2012).

TxE deliver a live show that is energy filled and exciting. They will bring the party and make sure you have a good time. The trio has opened for: Evidence, Lil Wayne, Mac Miller, Macklemore, Mos Def, Paramoure, The Pharcyde, Reel Big Fish, Trash Talk and many more. They have performed at the Rose Garden, home of the Trailblazers, and taken part in both PDX Pop Now and Music Fest NW festivals for multiple years.

Between the three members they have released eighteen projects and amassed half a million downloads since their formation. TxE are always creating and not to be missed whether they are rocking a stage near you or being featured on your favorite website with a new piece of content, watch and listen.


-Will Johnsen




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