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MATT G, “ZONED OUT” produced by Burnell Washburn

Nowadays in hip-hop, rappers tend to go on and on about nothing,  Austin TX native Matt G is not that dude. On ‘Zoned Out’, aided by Salt Lake City’s beatmaster Burnell Washburn, G paints a vivid picture of a man just trying to hold on to his sanity. Opening with a haunting southern-goth guitar strum, the tension in the airwaves thickens, then a deceptively simple old-school beat provides the bedrock for this rapper’s young Melle Mel delivery.

Six days a week/ fifty hours of bullsh#$

A bruising commentary on aspirations being crushed while caught in the Matrix of comformity, and the struggle to maintain self as you fight to unplug. Echoes of everything from the aforementioned Melle Mel’s stint on the ‘Message’, the Ghetto Boys “Mind Playing Tricks On Me,” and even the insomnia drench Nu-wave of Men at work’s ‘Overkill’ flow through my mind. This is music for the people, and its about time. So until Matt G drops his forthcoming album ‘Imagipashun’, bring this one home after a long days work, and let his inner-city blues heal you.

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