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Spotlight on Luke Radl: Citizen Radio Comic Artist, Illustrator and Connoisseur of Fine Teas

I recently had the chance to catch up with my friend Luke Radl, an incredible Illustrator, Comic Artist and Designer. He is one of the most endearing human beings I’ve ever met and has the most elaborate collection of teas I’ve ever seen. His most recent project was designing t-shirts for Citizen Radio.

Pre-order your t-shirts here!
Pre-order your t-shirts here before Friday 3/22/13! (That’s tomorrow)

Luke attended the Kubert School in 2006, receiving the Norman Maurer Memorial Scholarship (2007) and the MADA Design Frederico Gonzales Memorial Scholarship (2008). His current clients include Citizen Radio, We’re Not Broke, Erin Red, and Behind the Picks. Past clients include Dark Horse Comics, Cartoon Movement, Fantasy Flight Games, Arcana Comics, The Progressive Playbook, BirthdayShoes.com, The Attractive Arts, House Haunters, Mosaic Sciences, and private commissions. His work has recently been exhibited at “Drawing Conclusions: The Editorial Cartoon”  (http://annenberg.usc.edu/News%20and%20Events/News/121024EditorialCartoon.aspx and (http://www.lcsartshow.com).


KE: What kind of music do you listen to when you’re working?

Luke: When I really have to concentrate, for instance in the conceptual or composition stages, I prefer something without lyrics. Film scores or electronic music is great. I love the soundtracks for Pirates of the Caribbean, Tron, Princess Mononoke, and War of the Buttons. Also artists like Delicate Steve and Daft Punk.

Otherwise I listen to whatever I’m into at the time. Right now that’s Ramshackle Glory, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, Hop Along, Devil’s Coachwhip, S.L.F.M., Ida Maria, or The Sinbusters; so folky, punky, lo-fi, occasionally poppy stuff I guess.

KE:  I once heard someone call comics the new rock ‘n’ roll. Can comics change the world?

Luke:  Ha! Well, I’m not sure how much rock ‘n’ roll has changed the world, but comics can change it in much the same way that music does – by positively affecting at least some of the people who experience them. Of course, like music, the medium is only as powerful as the creators who wield it. Frank Miller is to Angus Young or Nikki Sixx, as Molly Crabapple or Susie Cagle are to Kathleen Hanna.


KE: What would your dream project be?

Luke: “Chicago is My Kind of Town” ( http://cartoonmovement.com/icomic/38 ) was pretty much my dream project. To be able to do that kind of interactive, multimedia comic reporting on the regular would be fucking stellar. Along with that kind of on-the-ground work, I’d also like to do introductory sociology/ethics/science/activism comics. I’m incredibly inspired by people working in those fields.

You can pre-order Luke’s newest, t-shirt design for (Citizen Radio). Pre-order ends Friday (That’s tomorrow!) so get your t-shirts from a unionized, US manufacturer (here).

And check out Luke’s (website). He has tons of amazing work up. Also, hit him up on his (twitter) where he’s always spreading truth and likely sipping Lemon Ginger or Cinnamon Apple Spice tea.

We salut you, Luke. Keep fighting the good fight!

*Now I need to go and google Devil’s Coachwhip.”*




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