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The Lelo Ora Review – Virago Magazine

As someone who’s had my staple sex toys attached to my hip (pun intended) for the past several years, I hadn’t noticed the fairly new trend (okay, maybe not that new) of sex toys that have built in rechargeable batteries (with convenient wall chargers) until my recent unboxing of the Lelo Ora from Babeland Toys. In the eternal words of Ru Paul’s Drag Race contestant, Shangela Laquifa Wadley: ru paul Call me a little old-school, but this new trend of built-in chargeable functionality? It lights up my apartment and my horny, little heart. Can I just tell you how nice it was to not have to throw my rechargeable double A’s into a toy? The worst feeling in the world is when you’re in the mood to do YOU and you have to go on a MacGyver-type expedition to find rechargeables (that are charged) only to find out they’re not charged! Not having to take a double A out of my TV remote control or my wireless keyboard in the middle of the night, plug it into a wall charger and wait around for 15 minutes while my Lady-Boner dies a expeditious death makes my soul sing.  That said, this girl ain’t ever giving up her Rabbit Habbit, but I’m loving the built-ins! So let’s start with packaging. The Lelo Ora comes in a beautiful classic package. You can never go wrong with black. Ever. Just ask Barney’s New York. The Ora is an oral sex simulator that comes in purple, bright blue or black. It’s a solid, silicone-based product with an ergonomic design. I was definitely curious as to how this thing was gonna handle. I’m not easy on my toys and the actual toy is not very big – 4 x 2 x 4 inches. The Ora is waterproof and comes with ten different functions and built-in control. I bought a oral sex simulator years ago at a sex toy party from a company that will forever remain unnamed. Well, I might as well have thrown my $99 dollars out the damn window. In fact, when I moved, I did chuck it in the dumpster after using it all but once. The only reason I remember this is because the chord got caught and the fleshy, fake tongue sat teetering on the edge of the dumpster wall, flapping in the breeze like a science experiment gone awry. This thing was designed to look and feel like a realistic tongue, had an A/C adapter  (yes, it plugged into the wall via a chord that was about a foot and kept coming unplugged). Well, they got the look down but not the feel and needless to say, it did nothing for my lady parts. NADA, NYET. Towards the happy ending of a potential orgasm, this thing fell into the fucking futile category. Not the case with the Ora, whose designers figured out that functionality is a little more important than appearance with these types of toys. The shiatsu ball massage functionality on the Ora was intriguing to me. I wasn’t entirely sure how that was going to work out with such a small handle, but  speed options were solid and buttons were fairly easy to maneuver. Intensity of vibration was great, but my only real complaint was that I didn’t feel the rotating balls very much and yea, it was a little loud for my taste. I didn’t have to charge the Ora long before it was ready for use. One other thing that was somewhat confusing was cleaning, as I wasn’t sure whether or not the device was waterproof (not stated too obviously on the packaging). But after doing a little research, turns out it was waterproof. Perfect. And as I gear up for my next trip, I’m thinking this one would be a great travel buddy and much less conspicuous than a traditional vibrator that often embarrassingly appears on the TSA x-ray machines. The Ora looks more like a piece of jewelry or maybe a cool, bottle of perfume and less like a phallic stow-away. The Lelo Ora retails at Babeland for $159 bucks. I’d say it’s definitely worth it to have this powerful and portable little buddy.   Check back soon for my next review on the OhMiBod blueMotion Remote Vibrator. Yes, it’s a vibrator that your partner controls from a smart phone app. I am SO not kidding. Things are about to get really intimate. 05-21-macgyver_full_600

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