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Killing Eve and Hanna: Strong, Female Leads Usher In Spring

It’s been a while for Killing Eve. Has it not? We have been waiting with baited breath and luckily us quarantined folk don’t have to wait much longer! Sunday, April 12 is the premier!!!

I’m also learning that wordpress has absolutely gone mad. What’s with this pre-formatted shit. Do I love ya? Probably soon, but I’m not sold yet.

What’s new, readers? Have you had babies? Are you making one right now? I’ve had two and lost one—of the furry sort, of course. One is whimpering in her crate right now because it’s beddish time. Yeah, I said it—“beddish”.

But last night was nothing at all about bed. Why? Well, because amazon is no longer the venue whereby I buy bulk toilet paper. It’s now also where I watch exclusive TV shows, namely Hanna, in rapid succession, one episode after another, until it’s literally 2 am on a Saturday night and I’ve no legitimate excuse for myself. Save, that I am a sucker for a strong female lead (omg, the wordpress format genie is confusing me again!).

The star of the show, this time, is Esme Creed-Miles, Samantha Morton’s daughter, an absolutely striking resemblance, she is sublime as a runaway CIA super-soldier. She’s been a wild thing in the wilderness of Finland, kicking ass and eating rabbits with her super-fine Dad, Erik, played by Joel Kinnaman. Hey, Swedish eye-candy never bothers me none—just saying.

Throw in a nefarious bad lady played by Mireille Enos, an absolutely incredible teleplay and you’re in for a wild ride through *almost* every country in Europe, so much so that I can’t keep up which side of the car the steering wheel is on. Paired alongside impeccable acting, perfectly timed action sequences and rousing dialogue, I drained my laptop battery last night without a care in the world until I was awoken at 7 am. Worth it? Absofuckinglutely.

*Pupper break*

Annnnnd we’re back in once piece–sort of. But looking after a puppy is sort of like looking after a baby, except your baby has four legs and wants to chew everything is site. But, I digress.

Did I mention the amazing soundtrack by Karen O? Yes, cherry on the sundae really. Picture the sound of her voice gliding along the Finnish forest. YES. Or even better, just watch it. It’s on Amazon video.

Now to find Killing Eve. I am a bit confused though. I know it’s on AMC, but does that mean it’s also on Hulu? Are we in Europe or the US? I am getting so confused with all of the good television options. It’s quite an inspiring time for women. Keep creating!

update just found it. Season 1 is on HULU and you can watch Season two premier free here:


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