Are you ready to join the Virago Team?

What we focus on:

  • Bad ass women
  • Unique Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Female Empowerment
  • Music interviews

We’re all about pushing the envelope, breaking boundaries and delivering awesome content


What we look for in Writers:

  • Unique style and voice.
  • Fearless writing styles/not afraid to tackle controversial subjects
  • Ability to use HTML (we’re not looking for programmers, just be familiar with it)
  • Ability to edit images
  • Ability to update multiple times per day
  • Decent understanding of social media, i.e. RSS feeds, Twitter, Google Alerts, etc
  • Passion for and knowledge of fashion and make up from different eras and genres
  • Knowledge of Women who kick major ass
  • Ability to fact-check, self-edit and follow existing formatting guidelines and style already in use at Virago (AP Style. Know it. Love it)
  • Ability to contribute with several posts per week. Writers who wish to contribute reviews and lengthier pieces, one to two posts per week
  • Must have active accounts on Facebook and Twitter
  • Keen eyes and ears for up and coming music, fashion and film

What We’re Not Looking For

  • Writers who are interested in writing about useless chit-chat
  • Long-form entries that take hours/days to complete
  • Negative attitude.
  • Flat affect. We want engaging!
  • Writers lacking self-discipline or motivation

To answer this call, please email us at writers [at] viragomag.com. Be sure to include two written samples that can be published immediately.  



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