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Shinjini Das: Empowering Female Entrepreneurs
Shinjini Das: Empowering Female Entrepreneurs

Interview: Shinjini Das: Female Entrepreneur aka “The Go-Getter Girl!”

by Kristen Vie Elisé Demesilda

I had the wonderful opportunity to catch up with Shinjini Das, the Go-Getter Girl!, Das is the Founder and CEO of The Das Media, a trilingual television personality and Huffington Post contributor. She’s been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Sirius XM, Business Insider. She’s a delight to talk to and is fighting the good fight towards equality for all women. Simply put, she is building a movement and we were delighted to catch up with her!


VM: How did you first get into female entrepreneurship? 

Shinjini Das:  Entrepreneurship discovered me! I have always been fascinated with building my own empire to create global impact and was discovered by a media publicist in 2015. I signed to be represented in all verticals of television, radio, print, and digital media. Ever since, my life has transformed. The powerfully broad reach of media has enabled my message of empowerment to reach far and wide beyond my greatest dreams to countries all over the world from Europe, Australia, Asia, to South America and beyond. An avalanche of media attention inspired me to think about building all of the attention into a sustainable business, which has since evolved into The Das Media Group, a content marketing agency for small businesses, individuals, and larger corporate brands. I strongly believe that entrepreneurship is a game-changer for women because it affords us creative, financial, technological, and operational freedom to create our own destiny and impact the global economy.

Shinjini Das | The Go-Getter Girl!
“I stopped trying to answer ‘Am I making the right move?’ The only way to find out is to make the move. I’m now ready to take that risk and create my own destiny. I am extraordinarily grateful and excited to call myself a newly minted female entrepreneur.” — FORBES Magazine

VM: What is your background? Which females inspired you as a little girl and why?

Shinjini Das: I graduated from Georgia Tech with an undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering and have always had a deep passion for business ever since I was young. As a girl, my inspirations were strong women on television and for the longest time, I wanted to be a journalist, which I kind of am now so I guess it all worked out! I have always had and still have the greatest respect for powerful women who embody unapologetic ambition, confidence, intelligence, chutzpah, grit, and beauty because excellence in all areas of life is so incredible to experience. This balanced approach is a quality I am building into my own personal brand and company now!

VM: What would a typical coaching session be like with you? What could a bold, young woman expect to take away from working with you?

Shinjini Das:  Our coaching sessions together are pure fire because they are a total partnership where we brand a new look for you in terms of your personal or professional brand. Digital personal branding is my favorite coaching topic because a revitalized digital profile can change your entire life. A bold young woman can expect to be incredibly empowered after working with me and she can expect to be fully equipped with the mental, physical, and emotional strength to take action to make her dreams a living breathing reality.

VM: What are some of your favorite brands?

Shinjini Das: Some of my favorite brands are Tory Burch, JCrew, Aldo, Francesca’s, Banana Republic, Jo Malone, Mac, and Jimmy Choo! Open to any and all brand endorsement deals! Haha

VM: Who is your favorite fierce female and why?

Shinjini Das:

A hybrid of Sheryl Sandberg, Jessica Alba, Beyoncé, and Malala because they represent unique qualities I am involving in my own journey. I deeply admire Sheryl’s commitment to scaling the operations at Facebook to reach the awe-inspiring milestone of a billion users on a single day, Jessica’s commitment to her growing empire and family as an amazing wife to her incredible husband and phenomenal mother to her lovely daughters. Beyoncé’s reinvention of her entertainment brand and her ability to consistently engage her global fans by providing exciting content is inspirational. Finally, Malala’s commitment to leveraging her voice to advocate for access to girls’ education globally is worthy of immense respect. I am excited to meet these female forces of nature in person! Thankful to be living at the same time as them.

VM: You’re a forward-moving woman with a hectic schedule–can you talk a bit about your self-care routine? What do you do for yourself to take care of your mind, body and spirit?

Shinjini Das: Self-care is so huge for any success. I begin each day with a 10-minute meditation and want to incorporate a few energy clearing exercises into my life too because I am a big believer that in order to grow, we have to radiate clean and positive energy which will empower ourselves as well as those around us to achieve their greatest potential. I love reflection, pretty obsessed with reflection actually. So, I take time everyday to reflect in solitude which is super helpful for staying grounded. To ground my mental health, I focus on gratitude and eternal happiness by laughing a lot, smiling, and generally, expressing gratitude for all of the blessings in my life. I highly encourage others to also express gratitude for the blessings in their lives. In terms of spirituality, I look within on a regular basis and evaluate my progress with a smile. It is important to be gentle and loving with yourself. I focus a great deal on self-love too because I have to love myself deeply in order for others to love me.    

VM: What is your daily beauty routine?

Shinjini Das:

So, I will be honest with you. Before my time in the media and most importantly in front of a camera, I did not really have a daily beauty routine, but ever since my life has changed, I have invested in building and practicing a healthy low maintenance beauty routine. I begin each day by cleansing and exfoliating my skin especially since it is exposed to so much makeup on a pretty often basis. Next, I use very light makeup e.g. primer, foundation, concealer, eye-shadow, mascara, a little blush, and a bold or nude lip for a day-to-day look. My favorite looks for day-to-day are high class but low maintenance. The big-time looks for television, photo-shoots, appearances, and in the future, red carpets and events will be more glamorous which I am super excited about!

VM: Can you name five daily activities you can’t live without—things that help you stay grounded?

Shinjini Das:

  • Daily reflection..a lot of deep reflection
  • Laughter.. constant genuine laughter
  • Love.. for my family, fans, and friends
  • Self-respect and self-love..love for myself
  • Confidence.. infinite confidence

Keep your eye out for the Go-Getter Girl. We love you, Shinjini Das. Keep slayin’ em!

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