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Hold Still My Heart, Broad City

Guess who’s back, bitches?

Last night’s season premiere of Broad City was like salve on a burn. Literally, ‘Two Chainz’ was blood, sweat, tears, and levity. It’s one of the few shows that can get me to do that noiseless gyration (the mob scene in the pop up store was perfect). The show’s airiness paired up with a strong dose of realism is a power punch, especially in a day and age where good comedy seems to be doing a disappearing act, overshadowed by dark, zombie-laden, FBI-serial killers shows (some good–some just plain silly.)

A LIL EXTRA TANG 4 U #bidaboo !!!! Thanks for watching!

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I wasn’t even sure what to expect. Last season ended with such bittersweet bang. “St Mark’s,” signaled the rapid changing of times in NYC (and every other city) laden with hope that there’s still room for imperfect humans with strong convictions–regular people just trying to figure it out. The arc of the show poignantly and simply casts out the struggles of free-spirited, young women mired by the same social pressures as everyone else–simultaneously calling out society, but also trying to live in its complex waters. I wasn’t sure how they’d be able to top that this year.

But this season’s messages about gentrification, female empowerment, racism and honest confusion about life are hardly coded, along with a strong-arm, Rosie the Riveter flex about being yourself and toilets–lots of toilet action.

The girls are already laying the shit on the table.

Goddess bless. I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Go watch that shit swiftly and pee yourself.

Hearts for days <3 <3 <3,  Abbi & Ilana.





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