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Geekier than Thou?

Geek Credibility?

So I’m gonna open up a wound that certain people in our community refuse to ever let heal; this whole thing about “fake” geeks. It’s been blowing up my news feed for a good chunk of 2012 and you know what? It’s stupid. Now, there are several things I would like to point out:

1) Ninety-five percent of the accused parties are females. I call BS on that. Most of the geeks I discuss comics and movies with are female, and if they look a certain way they’re singled out even more. I happen to know some very geeky females who have taught me more about certain fandoms than I could have ever learned on my own. I for one have never met any of these supposed fake, female-geeks. Perhaps some of these neck-beards and mouth-breathers are just intimidated that their little boys club is no longer exclusive to them.

Which leads me to my second point; 2) It’s a hobby, not a lifestyle. This is coming from someone who adores the label of “geek.”  Just because the social tables have turned, does not mean we are some sort of master race. We’re all just people–some of us are just a little more obsessed than the average person. Some of us just need to get it out of our heads that we’re better than everyone simply because we know the difference between the scarves that Tom Baker wore during his run on Doctor Who. Ultimately this knowledge is of little use; stop using the 1-up.

My last point is this:  those of us who were geeks in the 90’s know very well the pain of being ostracized for liking things that might have then been considered outside of societal norms. Since Geek is Chic now, some of us feel the need to do the same to the newcomers. But what does that truly accomplish other than making them feel like trash?

Do you feel vindicated mocking them? Did you forgot how much it hurt, crying yourself to sleep, thinking that everyone hated you because you were a weirdo? If you truly think of yourself as an intellectual and participate in this type of behavior, then you’re part of what’s wrong with humanity.

I’ve been a geek since I was a little kid. I’ve seen the constants and I’ve seen the variables and I honestly don’t care who’s a real or fake geek, because being a geek makes me happy.


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