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Flying Orb Productions: Khmer Dancers Embrace Hip Hop

On a beautiful night in downtown Lowell, Flying Orb Productions is preparing new material for an upcoming show called Dark City.

Peter Veth, Sokhoeun Tim, Sophy Leng, Sara Thanongsinh are dancers and actors who draw inspiration from different influences including hip hop, traditional Cambodian dance, and African choreography. The troupe has a long history together, having put on shows for well over ten years.

“What I love about the way we dance is that it’s not just choreography,” says Sara Thanongsinh. “It also incorporates theater and fashion.”

Photo credit: Virago Magazine
Photo credit: Kristen Elisabeth of Virago Magazine

What is clear about this troupe is that they are a family who take part in every aspect of production allotting  the performers a free exchange of ideas and creative development.

Flying Orb has a long list of dancers, many who have backgrounds in Cambodian dance so the flexibility and range is already there.

“We all started as Cambodian dancers and then hip hop came in, so I feel like when you have the heart for the art, your mind just opens freely to other things,” explains Veth (Choreographer).

Photo credit: Jim Higgins
Photo credit: Jim Higgins of Flying Orb Productions

While the dancers rehearse, Jim Higgins, Director of Flying Orb Productions and his assistants London Long (a trained Bboy who puts on workshops throughout the city) and Paula Em are putting finishing touches on their new, downtown studio.

As for the future, Flying Orb would love to travel to Cambodia to perform and film a documentary about their experiences.

For booking information and examples of work, please check out: http://www.flyingorb.com

Part 1 of the Adonis show at The Estate Club, Boston

Part 2 of the Adonis show at The Estate Club, Boston


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