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Five Quick And Easy Self-Confidence Boosters

Five Quick And Easy Self-Confidence Boosters

Oh, if I were 21 again; that adage of youth being wasted on the young—well…sure it’s cliché, but I would probably trade youth for wisdom. So many of us wish we had the self-knowledge of ten years ago and the same stamina to stay up three nights in a row. I remember pulling all-nighters like a champ. Now I feel more like a mack truck hit me. So maybe we’ve slowed down a bit physically and taken a few more hits in life, but there are ways in which the body-mind connection has the ability to restore tired bodies. Adequate sleep and nutrition are more of a priority for me now. Take it from someone who used to live on gas-station food. Now you’re more likely to catch me at home brewing my own kombucha, doing yoga and working on self-worth. Who would have thought?

And I need not press the issue of maintaining self-worth as a woman in the post-political apocalypse that we’re presently dealing with—yes, let’s not go there, right? We’re inundated, but here a couple of things that have been keeping my confidence and sanity afloat.


Journaling: A long, long time ago, Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way collected dust on my bookshelf.  I mean, I have been writing my entire life (hunts down live journal link), but that stuff is edited. And The Artists Way “Morning Pages” are unedited, unfiltered brain-spill. I mean, Cameron encourages any and all thoughts to pour out onto the page. You share them with NO ONE. I do this every day, religiously, and it helps to keep my thoughts clear. I also always write several affirmations at the end.

Women Journaling
Woman Journaling

Walk it out: Most of us spend our lives in a catatonic daze at the computer trough, slogging out memos and networking all day. Taking a short walk literally get’s my amygdala brain back on track. Even if it’s only ten minutes, it helps to get that air up there and change the scenery. Walking, for me, is a form of meditation. You just can’t beat it. And it’s not hard to do, once you get moving.

Phone a friend: I do this all the time. We all struggle with insecurities. I’ve struggled with self-esteem and weight issues my entire life. There’s nothing like finding a true-blue-keeps-it-real-but-loves-you-friend to just listen without giving advice. Find that friend. Chances are, you’ll be returning the favor in less than a week and laughing about something completely unrelated and silly.

Insecure HBO
Insecure HBO

Treat Yourself: I’m not talking about charging up your credit card and then having buyer’s remorse, but a new dress from Primark or a lipstick from Sephora isn’t going to kill your savings and you will be forging a new template, one that is directly telling your brain “I am worth it.”

Lipstick Addict
Lipstick Addict


Create a Dream Board: The old adages of “dream big” and fake it ’til you make it”, really do work. Make a list of where you want to be in five years. Some might say this is pipe-dreaming, but YOU need a plan, even if you chunk it down into tiny, baby steps, aka, tomorrow I will research the condo or car I want to buy or the trip I want to take. No, it won’t happen overnight, but you’ll be actively focusing on abundance which feeds into your reality subconsciously. I swear, it works!

I'm Putting It On My Dream Board
I’m Putting It On My Dream Board


Stay beautiful, rebels -xoxo


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