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Hilary vs. Trump

Autumn Is For Reflecting On Disgusting Elections and Making Great Art

It’s election time in a few weeks in case you didn’t know (insert long sigh here). Like everyone else, I’m completely burnt out. I have about as much interest in voting as eating chalk, but I will, because it’s a right that was hard-fought for me.

But I’m tired. The duopoly had me worn out over a decade ago. But this…we’ve never seen the likes of this before. And as much as I detest Hillary’s international politics, I certainly don’t think it will be a bad thing to have a woman in office. And I‘m fairly hopeful she will win given the enormous buffoon she’s up against.

But for a lot of us, particularly women survivors of abuse, this has been a particularly triggering election. More than 1 in 3 women (35.6%) and more than 1 in 4 men (28.5%) in the United States have experienced rape, physical violence and/or stalking by an intimate partner in their lifetime.

The level of insults, misogyny and racism flying around is unparalleled and as much as I tell myself he’s posturing, it’s still triggering. Even my therapist cancelled cable, which speaks volumes. I myself, don’t even own a TV. I’m on media lock-down. I rarely check Facebook. I listen to the BBC and I read, which is more than enough. I feel the need to stay abreast of international affairs and the BBC is pretty thorough with their election courage. Mosul and Russia are in my immediate radar and I just want the facts when it comes to campaign stats. I’ve been listening to CNN radio. I lasted all of five minutes with the post debate (the last one) coverage. How do you guys do it? I can’t even imagine the visuals. Radio has always been soothing for me, but it was nothing but haggling voices yelling over one another. It was utter and illiterate nonsense. Fox and CNN have completely lost touch with reality.


In these moments, I’ve found deep and profound peace in art and music. Playing music and taking beautiful pictures have been my refuge. It’s healing. And we need a lot of healing right now.

Lots of women have come forward with courageous stories in the wake of Trump’s disgusting remarks. Thank you Amber Tamblyn for your bravery. There have been so many brave women that have come forward. We need your voices. We need to know we’re not alone in this absolute insanity. Sometimes really good things come from really bad things. That’s my solace right now.

And as much as I don’t believe our jobs are coming back from China, and a lot of this feels like a sad dirge, it’s helpful to know that people still read and write. It’s helpful to know people are lifting up their voices and calling bullshit.

Trump will likely be out of the picture very soon. Until then, keep breathing folks. We’re almost there. Rome didn’t fall easy.

Yes, politics has morphed into reality television and America is gorging itself on it, but we’re about to have a giant bowel movement in about three weeks.

Hang tight, bad hombres and nasty women.

For now, here’s some pretty photos I took.

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Writer and Photographer for Virago Magazine, Kristen grew up listening to vinyl and highlighting the dictionary. Her work has appeared in IrockJazz.com, The East Harlem Journal, Boston's Culturehive, the Ithacan and other publications. Her love of music cannot be eclipsed by her love of words. She's been coined the "Akira Kurosawa of Blogs" by such people as herself. An aspiring musician, she has a serious penchant for peach-flavored anything, multi-tasking, slow-paced thrillers and dreams of going back to South America, laying on the beach, and drinking from a coconut.

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