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Crimping Hair Is Back And Crimpin’ Is Easy

Afternoon, ladies. Looking to make waves this Summer? Crimpin’ hasn’t historically been easy, but it is now. Want a beachy, bouncy look? Want that traditional, crimpy style with a clean wave? Looking for fashion-forward finger waves? You need this crimping hair tool.

Making waves

Achieving the Victoria’s Secret-model-esque bouncy waves and texture is now possible thanks to Sarah Potempa’s Beachwaver. Fashion show veterans have been using this tool forever. If you struggle with thin, flat hair or just want more definition, crimpin’ is for you.


Don’t worry if curling irons and wands seem scary and difficult, the Beachwaver curls the hair automatically, making it “the easiest tool in the world,” according to Michael Angelo of New York City’s Wonderland Beauty Parlor

Just make sure you use a good head protector or a light hairspray. And watch a tutorial or pair up with a friend. The key is to get your shine on. You don’t want to do all that work and have a dull look. Make sure you use some hair gloss or a good shine product and don’t forget to deep condition, because heat can be damaging. You want to slay the club, not your HAIR, girl. Be creative. This looks will keep for days and it’s sort of like pizza—better on the second day!

Happy Summer!

There are a ton of crimpers on the market, but the Beachwaver Curling Iron is totally budget-friendly at $129, Ulta

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