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Andy LaPlegua of Combichrist at the Paradise Rock Club, Boston , MA
Andy LaPlegua of Combichrist at the Paradise Rock Club, Boston , MA

Combichrist hits hard at the Paradise Rock Club

Combichrist hits hard at the Paradise Rock Club


Andy Laplague of Combichrist, at the Paradise, Boston, MA
Andy Laplague of Combichrist, at the Paradise, Boston, MA

Combichrist: We Love You Tour

The floor is packed with the devoted for the Combichrist We Love You tour. The boys on stage are kinetic. Beer spitting, pouring water on drumheads, and threatening the audience are all part of the southern charm of this Norwegian/Georgian ensemble.

Floor toms are rolling around on stage, getting kicked and pounded by others. Joe Letz is so energetic he just keeps kicking half his drum kit off the platform. It’s kind of hysterical, and I can’t help but grin as the tribal rhythms, overdubbed dance beats, sampling and loud guitars flood the room.

My feminist self is on high alert, yet my dance-crazed self is saying shut up and dance during “Shut Up and Swallow.” The song could be metaphor aimed at doing things you don’t want to do generally, couldn’t it? Do I have to take it literally? I don’t know, maybe I’m making excuses, but I can’t help it, I love the song. The well orchestrated helletro along with the possibility of double entendre simply overrides my need for this bro chest-thumping band to be anything other than what they are.

The complex sonic layers infused with industrial beats are infectious and even though the lyrical content is explicit, militant and euphorically fatalistic, not to mention possibly misogynistic, there is a spark of humor and a rage of love that sweeps through the spew. Andy LaPlegua, the singer, tells us the band gets a lot of shit and all he can say is he loves music and that this is music, acknowledging their controversial status. The audience offered a resounding whoop.

The whole Electronic Body Music (EBM) thing is almost personified in “Get Your Body Beat,”and LaPlegua’s growl. He just got engaged days ago and was cute as he discussed the behavior of one of the other players with their significant other at the foot of the stage. He had asked the band to stop, but her fella kept playing. LaPlegua asks sigo: Does this happen often? Does he keep going when he’s been asked to stop? To which she said yes, as together they comically give him the evil eye of mock admonishment. Such was the affected machismo and frivolity of the evening.

Mike a guitarist from another band came out to help for a few numbers. Towards the end of the concert, LaPlegua tried to get Mike a ride home so they could share the Norwegian bottle of drink someone had given LaPlegua backstage. The singer wanted to share because the drink reminded him of Christmas.

Joe Letz and Nicky From NY

As that was going on, Joe Letz, the drummer, came bounding up the stairs to the balcony and was greeted by a rambunctious Nicky, exclaiming that he loved watching his friend play. Letz had come to invite the new drummer on stage. As Letz introduced Nicky, LaPlegua instructed him to sit still (an impossible task) as the two senior members of the band hazed the new comer.

oe Letz with Nicky as he waits. Combichrist Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA.
Joe Letz with Nicky as he waits. Combichrist Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA.

Nicky to his credit managed for awhile, but finally the guys set him up with the runaway floor toms, and he joyously added to the cacophony. Nicky from New York ended up crowd surfing and LaPlegua told the audience that he loved each and everyone of us, and thanked us for coming.

Nicky from New York Slams with Joe Letz of Combichrist at the Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA
Nicky from New York Slams with Joe Letz of Combichrist at the Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA

Their encore was a great rendition of “Fuck That Shit” with a lot of middle finger pointing followed by “Sent To Destroy” as a sing-along. Yep, Combichrist, we feel the love.

We Love You released March 2014.

We Love You Tour Dates
Apr 09 Le National w/ William Control, Montreal, Canada
Apr 10 Opera House w/ William Control, Toronto, Canada
Apr 11 Altar Bar w/ William Control, Pittsburgh, PA
Apr 12 Agora Theater w/ William Control, Cleveland, OH
Apr 13 Bottom Lounge w/ William Control, Chicago, IL
Apr 15 Skyway Theater w/ William Control, Minneapolis, MN
Apr 16 Wooly’s w/ William Constrol, Des Moines, IA
Apr 17 Granada Theater w/ William Control, Lawrence, KS
Apr 18 Marquis Theater w/ William Control, Denver, CO
Apr 19 In The Venue w/ William Control, Salt Lake City, UT
Apr 20 The Hop w/ William Control, Spokane, WA
Apr 21 Studio Seven w/ William Control, Seattle, WA
Apr 22 Hawthorne Theater w/ William Control, Portland, OR
Apr 24 Slims w/ William Control, San Francisco, CA
Apr 25 LVCS w/ William Control, Las Vegas, NV
Apr 27 The Avalon w/ Suicide Commando, Hollywood, CA
Apr 28 Club Red w/ William Control, Phoenix, AZ
Apr 29 The Rock w/ William Control, Tucson, AZ
May 02 Elysium w/ William Control, Austin, TX
May 03 Scout Bar w/ William Control, Houston, TX
May 04 Trees w/ William Control, Dallas, TX
May 06 Vinyl Music Hall w/ William Control, Pensacola, FL
May 08 Roc Bar w/ William Control, Jacksonville, FL
May 09 Respectable Street w/ William Control, West Palm Beach, FL
May 10 Backbooth w/ William Control, Orlando, FL
May 11 The Masquerade w/ William Control, Atlanta, GA
Aug 08 Brutal Assault Festival Josefov, Czech Republic
Aug 09 2014 Mera Luna Festival Hildesheim, Germany
Aug 14 LES DOCKS Lausanne, Switzerland
Aug 16 Tivoli Vredenburg, Pandora Utrecht, Netherlands
Aug 17 Alt-Fest w/ The Cult, Arch. Kettering, United Kingdom

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