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Boston Phoenix closes: Us plebeians are going to miss one of the best, free newspapers around

I don’t know. I guess it’s a sign of the times and the changing global economy, but it’s also about values, or lack there of. The Boston Phoenix, like the Real Paper before it, is closing. This was to be expected. Why? Because they changed format to a glossy and looked just like their defunct sister scene ‘zine STUFF. Vacant and lacking in verisimilitude — all attitude no substance. The Phoenix was being tarted up for some kind of arranged marriage that didn’t work out. She was being forced to whore for money. Not cool.  Red lipstick and high heels didn’t look good on the Phoenix. The Phoenix used to be the Village Voice for Boston. It was an amazingly, rich alternative paper that covered local and national politics as well as the arts. All I can say is it seems very fitting to announce the death of a beloved leader on the Ides of March. Et tu Brute? Us plebeians are going to miss one of the very best free newspapers around. This was indeed a fateful day in the publication’s almost fifty year history.

A letter went out to the staffers today from publisher Stephen M. Mindich, here is some of what he said in his letter: “What I can and will say is I am extremely proud, as all of you should be, of the highest standards of journalism we have set and maintained throughout the decades in all of our areas of coverage and the important role we have played in driving political and socially progressive and responsible agendas; in covering the worlds of arts and entertainment, food and fashion – always with a critical view, while at the same time promoting their enormous importance in maintaining a healthy society; and in advocating for the recognition and acceptance of a wide range of lifestyles that are so valuable for a vibrant society.” [More of the letter.]

Last Issue of the Boston Phoenix. Read it, and weep.

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