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Ask my Abuela: advice even your favorite dude bro would wince at

Me: How many kids is ideal to have?

Abuela: Two is enough.

Me: How much jelly did you make this year?

Her: I no maka much..I only make a case….never make grape jelly and leave-a da tea on.

Me: How long are you going to live?

Her: Until God take-a me,  I’m gonna be here.  After? You do whatchu want with the house.  I”ll be going up or I’ll be going down. I hope up.

Me: Did you have a bunch of people over for your birthday?

Abuela: NO

Me: Do you like Obama?

Abuela: NO. He don’t do nutting. STINK.

Me: Romney?

Abuela:  He no helpy either. I don’t like em..any of ’em, Why? You like-a him?  This president: stunk. He no helpey the poor.

Me:  Do you think the world is gonna end ?

Abuela: NO. It’s never gonna end. Nothin’ gonna happen. I’ll be dead then anyway. Every year they say that. Nothing happens.

You can’t be afraii. Something happen? Up to God.

Me: Are people crazier more now than before?

Abuela: YEA.

Me: They tried to pass a bill to allow doctor assisted suicide, so if you’re terminally ill, a doctor can give you a pill to take you out early? How do you feel about that?

Abuela: No. it’s not legal.

Me: Marijuana is legal in some states now. How do you feel about that?

Abuela: I never take it. I don’ wanna taste nuthin’ of  the dope. Why u wanna take-a the junk?

You took it befo’?

Me:  Yea.

Abuela: It make-a you crazzeee? I no take-a NUTTING. NO GIVE ME NUTTING.

Me: Did you guys have therapy back in the day?

Abuela: NO. It was better befo’. You dunno what happen to you, but now they tell-a to you. They say– this is gonna happen to you. Then you have to wait. I don’t tell nothing my business. NO PRIVACY.  What joo no know don’t hurt you. Don’t worry ’bout it.

Abuela: You got a boyfran now?

Me: I got 5 now, Abuela. I’m trying to diversify.

Abuela: Which one u like-a the most?

Me: The guy who’s draggin’ his feet.

Abuela: Why you listen to him? Listen, you wanna man who gonna take-a you OUT, take-a you to eat, take-a you to the show, take-a you places.

Me: Yes. I would like to go shopping.

Abuela: But if he take-a you shoppin’, you gotta go in the bed.

Me: Abuela, should you settle for  a boring guy?

Abuela: You not gonna talk

Me: I’d like a trip too

Abuela: Listen, you tell-a to him. Jus’ ask him. You wanna go? Go have the trip!

You need-a give the sex though. Give it or no boyfriend. No man do nothing for nothing today.

Me: Should a woman ask a man out?

Abuela:  He got the money?  He should take you out for suppah. You need to find a guy with a lot of money.

Me: Where do i find those?

Abuela: You look at those guys on the computer. I dunno. I no want no man no more.

You’ve got questions for ‘Buela? Submit. She MIGHT answer you. She does what she wants.

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