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Simple Summer Self-Care
Simple Summer Self-Care

Five Simple Ways To Self-Care This Summer

Let’s face it. We are hard-driving, bad-ass chicas, but most of us are on a budget. If the barrage of Instagram posts of exotic, tropical destinations isn’t giving you MAD FOMO, you’re probably not human. That said, let’s look at a few options to retreat, regroup and reenter without emptying your wallet.


    1. Google “fun day trips in_____”. The blank would be your area. I recently did a bunch of what I call “day-cations”. Packed a lunch, ended up a beautiful resort (this helps if you have resorty-type friends), but you get the picture. Fill the cooler and GO. Bring your food and tasty beverages and camp out on the beach–if only for the afternoon. You will feel refreshed and ready to deal with your OCD boss as you beam with ocean vibes–or whatever that osmotic thing is that happens when you breathe oce
      Off to the beach


    2. Farmer’s Market Your Way to Heaven Have you ever gorged on a fresh pint of raspberries and felt like a complete Queen. Yaaas. THAT. Download the Farmstand app and go getchu some, sister. I sat at my desk one afternoon gnawing on those sweet, little things and forgot all about my deadlines. Guilt-free. How much do raspberries cost? Seriously. You’re worth it. If you’re feeling adventurous, throw it into a smoothie or add some high-quality chocolate. DIVINE.
      Fresh fruit is always in season


    3. Plan an old-school girl sleepover. Grab ya girls and a couple of bottles of cheap wine and pizza. Add in some netflix and you’re good to go. May I suggest a Ru Paul Drag Race binge or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. You won’t be watching much anyway as you’ll be too busy laughing at memes and sharing bad-date stories.
      Girls Night!
      Girls Night!











If you get stir-crazy, go see Rough Night Movie. Loved it. Or if you want a little more drama, watch the Queen Sugar Premiere. It’s already amazing!!


4. Airbnb it up with your sisters. Face it. It’s the get-outta-debt-and-be-free season. No one wants to spend $500 a night if they don’t have to. Gather up your friends and Beyoncé it out. Go somewhere fun for the weekend. You can have your cake and eat it to0, and while you’re eating your cake, you won’t be stressing about the credit card bill that’s coming next month. You can easily find something cheaper than $10k a night.

Beyoncé knows a deal when she sees one

5. Free yoga and meditation classes. Again, most towns and cities have free yoga classes now or low introductory classes (sometimes only $5), and beach yoga is the best yoga. Google that. Lots of places offer free meditation classes, as well. Google, go and breathe. And you get your pick of meditation apps nowadays. Meditation Studio, was named one of Apple’s top 10 apps of the year and one of Time magazine’s best apps of 2016.  It’s designed specifically for people in their 20s and is grounded in the idea that that small, everyday life changes can have huge impact on your overall sense of well-being. Lort knows, we need that right now.

Whatever it is you do, just remember to breathe and do you or do someone else if you want, but just make sure you do you first.

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