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Your Say: Do you use your computer, tablet or smart phone in bed?

Of all of the incredibly exalting devices on the market today, I’d have to say the one and only thing I can’t live without is my plugged in smart phone on my night stand. Call it some weird security blanket, a lack of faith or the fact that my battery takes forever to charge.

I feel safer with it near me and I don’t know why.

Never-Not once-Ever, has there been a situation (knocks on wood) where I’ve needed my smartphone by my side, and yet there it sits, a lonely microwave-emitting mini-computer with a cheap, Chinese encasement. All of my likes, statuses, quirky instagram pics–hosted together in one happy apartment.

I need that apartment near me. And yet, I’ve read novels on out electronic overuse is essentially eroding our social skills and mental health.

What about you? Do you sleep with the blue-tooth in? Which device do you court around with in bed?

We want to hear from you about your device of vice. Do it.

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