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What's Your Fashion Superpower? Virago Magazine

Three Divas Reveal Their Fashion Superpowers: Simple Secrets, Divine Results

Kay (Color Blending)

My fashion super power is blending. When I studied color theory with celebrity Make-Up Artist, Kevin James Bennett, I noticed his kit was tiny, but chock full of beautiful pigments. His approach to color was elegant and simple.

I use the same approach to make up and fashion. For a dewy look for the face, I blend Dermalogica “Intensive Moisture Balance” with my regular foundation. I’ll blend several shades of foundation to find the right color match.

Kay, Virago Magazine

I’ve also opened my mind to different kinds of fabric when shopping for clothes. Sticking to a basic black, but adding in different materials, such as metallic clasps, buckles or flowers to avoid mundanity, adds a perfect pop, while still letting you have your black (because we all know you can never go wrong with black).

The vibrant red lip is the Fall staple right now. Gorgeous. I’m using the Jean Iredale lip gelee kit. It stays on forever. But NYX also makes some great reds. NYX is a constant go-to for commercial product. They don’t test on animals, and though their pigments aren’t’ quite MAC, they are still the absolute best bang for your buck. Drag queens wouldn’t front. I premoisturize my lips, then apply NYX Jumbo Eye-pencil in “Rust” and mix it with a vibrant pink or peach powder blush. Apply it with a small lip brush and to set it, use your finger to apply one last layer of your favorite color. Yes, you can put blush on your lips. I swear nothing bad will happen. Lip liner is also a great way to make your color last. No, you don’t have to spend a kazillion dollars on 24 hour lip colors that are full of chemicals. Don’t be afraid to use an eyeliner on your lips or a lip pen on your eyes, etc. Pigment is pigment. Remember that. Become your own personal mixologist and don’t be afraid to play around. Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken!

Read more of my Fall/Winterbreak down here.

Raquel (Fashionable Adaptability)

Raquel, Virago Magazine

My super fashion super power is having functional, fabulous versatility. My motto is “dress to express.” While my wardrobe is perfectly suited to meet the flavor of my whims, however it appears, rest assured I dress to meet whatever obstacles and adventures I may encounter. Be it a grumpy t-passenger, or a sudden Nor’easter, doubled scarves can go a long way, never mind the warmth (and the inspiration) the combination of a thin knit scarf with a gilded pashmina provides. A sheer ankle length skirt over a body suit can be transformed in seconds into pants: just gather the hem between your legs, twist the fabric and tuck it neatly into your waistband. You’ll be surprised by how comfortably you can get through an entire class of yoga or hop on your bike and cycle away without a snag.

Repurpose a long thin colorful scarf by snaking it through your belt-loops and tying it off into a bow for some added flair. Bandanas can curb wayward hair with a retro nod, protect your neck from the sun – or your identity during a protest- or cutely cuff your wrist under a beaded bangle; the possibilities are endless!

We all have different tasks and obligations ahead of us. Just remember what and whom you are dressing for. Keep in mind how you want to feel – think texture, ties, buttons, zippers. How difficult will it be for you to pee when you are wearing a corset, harem pants, or a leotard? Is it snowing? Think about what will work for you and most importantly, how you want to feel. No one will be wearing what you put on so make sure you approve of what you wear while you show the world how you groove.  And when it comes to fashion, rules are for fools. A true Goddess lets her gusto guide her. So slip into a super heroine ensemble that suits your to-do’s and most importantly that reflects and serves your true identity: a kick ass woman who knows who she is and gets what she desires. Go get em, goddess!

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Mi superpoder en la moda es tener la versatilidad de ser funcional y tambien fabulosa.

Mi declaracion cuando me visto es, “Vestirse para expresarse.” Mi ropa tiene el sentido de mis pensamientos, y sin duda me visto para preparame para las aventuras y ostículos que puedo encontrar.  Si es para poner color en una vestido oscuro o en preparacion para una Nor’easter, dos bufandas recogen un largo camino.  Se puede transformar una falda escarpada encima de una traje de cuerpo facilmente:  solo recoge el dobladillo entre las piernas, envuelve la material, y plieguela bajo de la pretina.  Se sorprenderá que confortablemente puede pasar un clase de yoga o brincar en su bicycleta sin ningunas manchas o pegas.  Usar una bufanda delgadita y colorída de nuevo como una cinta para añadir una falda o pantalones.  Usar un pañuelo para atár el pelo, proteger el cuello – o proteger su imagen cuando presente en una protesta –  o ponerlo bajo de una pulsera.  ¡Possibilidades son ilimitadas! 

Todos tenemos diferentes obligaciones y tareas.  Solo recuerda poruqe y por quien se vistas.  Piensa como quieres sentir – piensa la tectura, cintas, botones, la clima…  Que tanto dificil es ir al baño cuando estas en una corsé, pantalones de harén, o leotardo.  ¿Esta neblando?  Piensa que va funcionar para sus necesidades y su trabajo.  Pero los mas importante es pensar en como va a sentir realmente en la ropa.  Ningun persona solo usted puede decidir lo que pone en su cuerpo.  Y en la moda, reglas son para tontos.  La mujer poderosa permite que sus deseos son realizados en la vida expresada.  Entonces porta su ropa de heroe para llegar a sus obligaciones preparada de su corazon hasta sus aciones.

Kim (Aesthetically Innovative (“McGuyverin”)

Superpower: Using everyday household and/or beauty items & using them in a different way!
Once upon a time, there was a girl who had a a pair of shoes that was a tad too big. With the event of the night quickly approaching, she needed a solution to this fashion debacle! “Wait. Eureka! By golly, Watson… I’ve got it.” I’d remembered that I had some leftover maxi pads (complete with wings, fit for a fly girl like me) that would make perfect insoles for the stiletto pump, adding just the right amount of cushion. After peeling off the paper backing, I inserted Paddy sticky side-down into the pair of heels and voila! Instant fix.
Kim, Virago Magazine
 This is one example of how an everyday household item can help you in a fashion faux pas pickle.
When in doubt, McGuyver it out!











So we wanna hear from you, divas. What’s your favorite fashion superpower? What makes you feel good?

And don’t forget to check out our new series COMING VERY SOON, “Virago Vlogettes,” where we will be video blogging every topic under the sun, from dating, music, and of course, style!


What's Your Fashion Superpower? Virago Magazine
What’s Your Fashion Superpower? Virago Magazine






In the meantime, heed the infamous wisdom of Madame La Ru Paul: “Girl, you bettah werk!”

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