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The 90s Were Awkward For Me

The 90’s were weird for me and America. Knee-high memories of hanging out at the Jordan Marsh cosmetic counter while my Mom sold middle-aged women on their “Season palettes.” I was a warm, winter autumn. I still am. You’ll never take that from me. Cool colors just look BETTER on me. First of all, shoulder pads. What were those? Assert your …

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Elvis and the End of the 50’s

What I know about the 50’s, I learned from my father. He proclaimed that decade “the best ten years  for music, cars, and the USA”. He said Elvis was the best thing that ever happened to music and the Beatles were the worst. He blamed the British invasion for pot, long hair, and the next decade of debauchery. But the …

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Justin Timberlake–The New Millennium Frank Sinatra Tour

In my opinion, modern, American Pop music owes it’s essence to the Blues and Frank Sinatra. The Blues informed us of our very souls, the true root of American artistry, including the anger, the sex, the fight for the right to be free, but Frank gave us the template for channeling the Blues as the Pop Star. From his first …

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Where’s my charming, crate digger?

I grew up surrounded by dusty, Motown and Rock n’ Roll album jackets. I was a pretend DJ at five years old, playing Hall and Oates while recording fake callers and polling listeners. I spent my childhood digging around crates full of vinyl that my parents collected–the Beatles, Drifters, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, so when a guy …

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