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The 90s Were Awkward For Me

The 90’s were weird for me and America. Knee-high memories of hanging out at the Jordan Marsh cosmetic counter while my Mom sold middle-aged women on their “Season palettes.” I was a warm, winter autumn. I still am. You’ll never take that from me. Cool colors just look BETTER on me. First of all, shoulder pads. What were those? Assert your …

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I Was Never A “Museum Person”

I sit here in front of a portrait Sarah Siddons. My summer sweat sticks to the lavish leather on the most indulgent chair I’ve ever sat in. Above me, this oil on canvas hangs like a robust reminder of unrequited love. Joshua Reynolds painted it in 1784. Siddon’s face is demure, luxurious and yet pained. Joshua Reynolds really had it bad …

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Oleg Korolev/A New Olde Master

Oleg Korolev can be described as a “new master”.  Elements of olde masters infiltrate his work, yet he remains completely modern and original. Spirituality is evident even in his paintings where it is not centralized. The subjects of his work are not “non descript” figments but rather real people…imagined or not. His ability to capture metaphor with paint is extraordinary. And …

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Construct: Indie Game Development

Indie game development is a major business. Apps are constantly being uploaded to popular shareware websites like Google Play, Apple iStore, and Steam. Consumers invest large amounts of time and money into these products. In turn, a few lucky developers earn enough cash to support new projects, buy a new car, and have the option to peacefully retire (side note: …

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Tom Bagshaw: Rebel Fairy Tales

Tom Bagshaw’s art hits like a dose of ether. Every painting a portrait of darkness behind the enchantment of a rebel fairy tale. The women, whether real or figments of Bagshaw’s imagination, are a combination of 17th century romanticism and underplayed sexuality. When I look at his paintings I see women who are commanding but feminine…a delicate girl in a …

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