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Gumshen/Ara’s Indie Music Pick of the Week Extract a bit of the Pixies, dilute, mix with XTC, and energize with enough guitar to keep the sound just above melancholy and you have Gumshen. Any band that attempts to cover Pink Floyd/Shine on You Crazy Diamond is either completely crazy or completely able to cover the most innovative band in the last 50 years without sacrificing originality. …

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John Hughes: The Frank Capra of the Eighties

John Hughes captured the eighties perfectly with its teen existentialistic angst, neon, and new wave. If you were a teenager in the mid-eighties (and I was), it was a great place to be. Reagan was president, MTV was in its wonder years, and Bono was just becoming a socially conscious rockstar. The atmosphere of the American high school was snapshotted perfectly …

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Pretty Graves

A girl checks her reflection in the tinted glass of an ambulance This is a magazine Six-inch heels grinding across a board of rusty nails This is a magazine The flatlands in skin This is a magazine Palm trees in short skirts This is a magazine Mine lights in gaunt caves This is a magazine Skyscrapers in concrete strap backs …

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