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Master Class at the New Rep Theatre

The Tony award winning play, Master Class, by Terrence McNally takes place in the early seventies at Julliard, the prestigious arts school in New York. Maria Callas, a widely renowned opera singer, known for her bel canto technique, is now a teacher. She is the focus of the play, supremely played by Amelia Broome, an ambitious role for a New …

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Comic Book Legend: The Legacy Of Carmine Infantino

I started out reading DC comics. They were action packed and no matter who the hero or heroine was, there was a moral to the story. In place of any sort of guidance from my elders on moral turpitude, the stories served as a paradigm by which to live my life. I was the underdog in my own life story …

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Harmony Korine’s ‘Springbreakers’: A Review

A legitimately bad film is never memorable. It might last as a random remembrance, but not much more. I saw the trailer for “Spring Breakers” and chuckled to myself. Sexualized violence has been over-cooked for some time now. In fact, it’s become a staple of American culture as anyone with a television can attest. Was this another banger film with …

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Amanda Palmer talks life, music, love and buying a bed with Neil Gaiman

Amanda Palmer made music history this year when she raised $1.2 million on Kickstarter allowing her to shake her contract with RoadRunner records and launch her own label and subsequent album, “Theater is Evil,” an eclectic rock/sync mix that harkens back to 80’s new wave. With “Smiles: Pictures or it Didn’t Happen” Palmer interweaves social commentary with screeching guitars. I feel like I’m hearing the …

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