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Planet of Brooklyn’s Logan P. McCoy’s “Black Morning,” builds into the perfect Blaxploitation theme, is promptly deconstructed and resurrected as dark, cyber-punk Funkadelic hip hop. Yes, 2014 is off to a great start.

directed by Dylan Verrechia | beat produced by Logan P. McCoy

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Brooklyn rapper Logan P. McCoy presents the Dylan Verrechia-directed music video for “Black Morning”, the new single from his EP Strength Of Character. “Black Morning” captures the frustration I felt as a young man in desperate need for personal change but without a clue as to how to bring about this change in my life,” says Logan. “We all go through growing pains and we all have our unique ways of dealing. In my alcohol and weed fueled meditation, I reached the conclusion that  death might be the necessary catalyst for the change that I was so desperately seeking.” Logan describes the Strength Of Character EP as “an experiment that became the foundation of a new sound. Initially my idea was to poke fun at ’90s style rock/pop music that MTV had made popular. Being first and foremost an underground MC, I thought it would be funny being that I didn’t play any instruments and knew nothing about making rock music. Having no band or instruments to craft the sound I had in mind, I decided to follow the Hip Hop tradition that I came from of flipping what I had to accomplish my goals.” Strength Of Character is available now on Logan’s Bandcamp page.


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