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What can we do for you? Does your site need a face-lift? Is it attracting your target audience or merely on on-line brochure? Is your site clean, responsive and mobile-ready?

Do you need an awesome 3D logo for your business or EPK?

Our experience is diverse.  We can build a top-notch website with SEO and social media, provide branding/graphic design and publicity head shots and band photos.


* Excellent journalism skills
* Drafting of project proposals, grant applications, press releases, biographies, and any other written content needed
* Head shots, portraits, band shots, product/brand shots, live event photography, etc.
* SEO and Marketing design and implementation for social media
* Graphic Design, User Interface Engineering including HTML 5, PHP/MYSQL, CSS, 3D Graphic Design, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla content management systems

*Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter Design and customization

 HTML5, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla content management websites available to target your audience and boost sales.

Do you need current head-shots for your web site or CD?

Call or email info@krzstudios for a quote for your photography, graphic design and marketing needs.


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