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How Many Librarians Does It Take To Find A Graphic Novel?

It was quite the trek to the library on a hot Saturday afternoon. Yep, decided to bike there. It’s not that far, and although I’m in the city, it’s not that bad, if you just keep chuggin’ and pay no attention to the cars swerving and swearing. I’d just finished reading the first of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s Locke …

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Fear of a Geek Planet: Without misfits where exactly would America be?

I find it funny that ‘Geek Chic’ exists, however I am not surprised. If you are my age and came of age in the 1980s you can mark when tattoos moved from the outsiders brand to being co-opted by the mainstream around ’95. No longer could you readily tell  legit seekers and trendy interlopers apart, and before you knew it, shirts with …

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Virago’s List of Best and Worst Love Songs (Ara’s)

1) Into Your Arms/Nick Cave Nick Cave can murder us with eroticism then resurrect us with something biblical. “Into Your Arms” is a six inch gold blade cutting through a faint heart. It is mutiny in heaven and the messiah ward. You will get lost in the music, like a rainy night in Soho in God’s motel. Love is like …

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Geekier than Thou?

Geek Credibility? So I’m gonna open up a wound that certain people in our community refuse to ever let heal; this whole thing about “fake” geeks. It’s been blowing up my news feed for a good chunk of 2012 and you know what? It’s stupid. Now, there are several things I would like to point out: 1) Ninety-five percent of …

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Ask my Abuela: advice even your favorite dude bro would wince at

Me: How many kids is ideal to have? Abuela: Two is enough. Me: How much jelly did you make this year? Her: I no maka much..I only make a case….never make grape jelly and leave-a da tea on. Me: How long are you going to live? Her: Until God take-a me,  I’m gonna be here.  After? You do whatchu want …

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