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Put Down Your Swords, Geeks. The Battle Is Over

For most of my life, I’ve been a woman and a consumer of popular culture.  As a girl, I grew up around video games. With two brothers, it was inevitable to be ensconced in video games and it passed the time. A world of fantasy, royals, creepy zombies or just playful Italian guys bouncing around on mushrooms, was a welcome …

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Construct: Indie Game Development

Indie game development is a major business. Apps are constantly being uploaded to popular shareware websites like Google Play, Apple iStore, and Steam. Consumers invest large amounts of time and money into these products. In turn, a few lucky developers earn enough cash to support new projects, buy a new car, and have the option to peacefully retire (side note: …

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How Many Librarians Does It Take To Find A Graphic Novel?

It was quite the trek to the library on a hot Saturday afternoon. Yep, decided to bike there. It’s not that far, and although I’m in the city, it’s not that bad, if you just keep chuggin’ and pay no attention to the cars swerving and swearing. I’d just finished reading the first of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s Locke …

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What Social Media Has Done to Socializing

Social Media Party During a conversation with my sister a few weeks ago, I found myself giving the “move it along” hand also known as the hurry-it-the-fuck-up finger swipe. She was taking longer than a status update to tell me about the dream she had the night before. I realized in that moment how much social media had impacted my …

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