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Virago’s List of Best and Worst Love Songs (Ara’s)

1) Into Your Arms/Nick Cave Nick Cave can murder us with eroticism then resurrect us with something biblical. “Into Your Arms” is a six inch gold blade cutting through a faint heart. It is mutiny in heaven and the messiah ward. You will get lost in the music, like a rainy night in Soho in God’s motel. Love is like …

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My attempt at being a dominatrix

We met on a social media site. My friend convinced me to take this dating bull by the horns.  Play up my dominant persona. What could it hurt? I was growing tired of falling in love with youtube guitar-heroes, subscribing to their channels in hope’s they might spy my cute account pic and dream about running their calloused fingers through …

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Pixel Boy Meets Pixel Girl

We met on a social media site. There was transmission from the first sentence. We created a room inside our heads where we fucked every night. “Let’s lie under the stars and talk about insignificant things.” It was so easy for us to create an entire world with emails and uploads. After a few weeks, it began to feel almost …

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Ask my Abuela: advice even your favorite dude bro would wince at

Me: How many kids is ideal to have? Abuela: Two is enough. Me: How much jelly did you make this year? Her: I no maka much..I only make a case….never make grape jelly and leave-a da tea on. Me: How long are you going to live? Her: Until God take-a me,  I’m gonna be here.  After? You do whatchu want …

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Confessions of an obsessed Foodie

I’m an obsessed foodie. I think about food the minute I wake up until the minute I fall asleep. I plan my vacation around where I should eat, judge a wedding on what they will be serving, and the Zagat is my Bible. I judge people on what they eat. For some unknown reason, I think it’s a window into …

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