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Crimping Hair Is Back And Crimpin’ Is Easy

Afternoon, ladies. Looking to make waves this Summer? Crimpin’ hasn’t historically been easy, but it is now. Want a beachy, bouncy look? Want that traditional, crimpy style with a clean wave? Looking for fashion-forward finger waves? You need this crimping hair tool. Making waves Achieving the Victoria’s Secret-model-esque bouncy waves and texture is now possible thanks to Sarah Potempa’s Beachwaver. Fashion show veterans …

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The Lelo Ora Review – Virago Magazine

As someone who’s had my staple sex toys attached to my hip (pun intended) for the past several years, I hadn’t noticed the fairly new trend (okay, maybe not that new) of sex toys that have built in rechargeable batteries (with convenient wall chargers) until my recent unboxing of the Lelo Ora from Babeland Toys. In the eternal words of Ru …

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Primroses and Butterflies

He was trapped. Devon opened his eyes and peered through the thick glass container that secluded his body. Although he was familiar with his surroundings, something seemed different. Intermittent darkness settled inside the familiar science lab, but enough light infiltrated the room to let Devon glance around. Still, he could not place his finger upon the abnormality that suppressed his …

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