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Gorman Bechard–Punk Rocking Film

An independent film maker and cinema’s answer to Lou Reed, Gorman Bechard found me when I found Color Me Obsessed—the first documentary about the Replacements. M y thought was that any director who made a film about the Replacements had to be the right kind of independent. The kind who makes films because he likes to make films and because he …

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Interview: Sarah Rosado, NYC Photographer and Illustrator

Just in time for summer we present artist Sarah Rosado. As a NYC artist, Sarah knows exactly what that old song by the Lovin’ Spoonful Summer in the City is all about and she’s given us something to keep us hot and gritty with her Dirty Little Secret series. Tell us a little bit about yourself. My name is Sarah …

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Interview with Gary T Becks: Comic’s New Blood

Gary T. Becks’s work is advanced art masquerading as a comic. Masterful illustrations of vampiric dolls that would have made Lady Death quit her job and start working at Denny’s. What impressed me most about Mazscara is that it wasn’t overtly erotic but rather suggestive. The female characters are enigmatic, intelligent, and aesthetically interesting. The story is jet rapid with …

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1-O.A.K.’s Musical Nirvana

I recently had the chance to catch up with Oakland’s own singer/songwriter/musician, 1-O.A.K. who’s forging a Soul Renaissance along with his Honor Roll Crew. P.Downes) Your music brings me back to my childhood, rifling through my parent’s albums. When did you fall in love with music and knew that’s what you wanted to do? 1-O.A.K.) I don’t know really. Music …

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Trel Mack: Philly’s Hip Hop Son

At first listen I was struck by Trel Mack’s ability to convey strength and vulnerability sometimes within a couplet of lyrics, an art almost lost in Hip Hop today. So I jumped at the chance to chop it up with one of Philly’s Hip hop sons. PD) I wanna say something: Your music carries the ghosts of Philly’s soul-past, but …

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Nick Pratt Interview: The Badu Sessions

I got to wax poetic with Texas native Nick Pratt about 70’s music, the quest for the perfect flow and being a working class rapper on his way up. PD) Your song “Comin’ Dyne Clean” sounds like a real, summer jam. You have a slight Q-Tip rasp to your voice but your delivery is a mixture of old school and …

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