vəˈräɡō/: a woman of strength or spirit; a female warrior.


Mark Reynolds Interview: Polaroid Pencil

Mark Reynolds and Mark Quigg mr-art.co.uk Mark Reynolds takes photographs with a pencil. When you see his images of Jimi Hendrix or Morrissey , you will ask yourself…”Was that from a Rolling Stone cover?” There’s no doubt that Mark Reynolds loves music. Only someone who knows the meaning of music could draw musicians so well. The details are so precise …

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Chris Mars/ Life Imitating Art

www.chrismarspublishing.com “Special Agent Gordon Cole” “Hag Harriet Milfoil” “Mrs. Lanterman’s Daughter” “Same as the Old Year” “The Resurrection Machine” If you’ve never touched the inside of a mental hospital, then you will never understand that the monsters aren’t inside. If you’ve never felt the sting of a needle as medication turns your veins into overpasses, then you’ll never understand that …

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Interview: Bill Ward of Black Sabbath: Absence of Corners/Presence of Light

http://billwarddrumart.com “Absence of Corners” is Bill Ward’s debut as an artist, even though he’s been painting pictures with rhythm since he was four years old. Using lighted drumsticks and percussion brushes, Bill Ward used rhythm and emotion to draw songs. There is aggression in some and serenity in others but Bill Ward is in all of them — his soul …

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Freeze-Tag’s Techno-Magik

As I shook off the fatigue of a long day’s work off and settled down for a listen to Ohio born Techo-Alchemist Freeze-Tag, a familiar beep took to me to my Facebook page. There, was my friend Jill (who lives in Texas) posting scenes from the epic filibuster to a controversial anti-abortion bill, featuring the defiant Senator Wendy Davis. At …

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