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Interview: Shinjini Das: Female Entrepreneur aka “The Go-Getter Girl!”

Shinjini Das: Empowering Female Entrepreneurs

by Kristen Vie Elisé Demesilda I had the wonderful opportunity to catch up with Shinjini Das, the Go-Getter Girl!, Das is the Founder and CEO of The Das Media, a trilingual television personality and Huffington Post contributor. She’s been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Sirius XM, Business Insider. She’s a delight to talk to and is fighting the good fight towards …

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Margaret Cho is so Meta: Interview

  Margaret Cho’s performance on HBO in 1994 is still hilarious and relevant. She walked across the stage in a leather jumpsuit, said fu** like a valley girl, and talked about homosexuality like it was already a part of everyone’s life. I could relate to everything she said. From having mostly gay friends to not being fat but letting one …

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Oleg Korolev/A New Olde Master

Oleg Korolev can be described as a “new master”.  Elements of olde masters infiltrate his work, yet he remains completely modern and original. Spirituality is evident even in his paintings where it is not centralized. The subjects of his work are not “non descript” figments but rather real people…imagined or not. His ability to capture metaphor with paint is extraordinary. And …

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Tom Bagshaw: Rebel Fairy Tales

Tom Bagshaw’s art hits like a dose of ether. Every painting a portrait of darkness behind the enchantment of a rebel fairy tale. The women, whether real or figments of Bagshaw’s imagination, are a combination of 17th century romanticism and underplayed sexuality. When I look at his paintings I see women who are commanding but feminine…a delicate girl in a …

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