Prince Taught Me How To Be A Diva


As I sit here recovering from a long week, I’m reveling, once again, in the music of Prince. The day I found out Prince died I was sitting in my doctor’s office. My friend texted me right before I went in. All I saw in the text were the words, “Prince” and “dead.” I couldn’t even speak. All I could …

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Preciosa Puerto Rico, Island of Enchantment

My wanderlust started when I was still an angsty, little goth-punk, because in the spirit of DIY, if you tell me something can’t be done, I have to do it. During college, I went cross country in a 1967 split window VW bus with four friends. We camped for 30 nights in 33 states. I hadn’t so much as even …

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“Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown”

I remember peering down at 3 am from a loft party on Beach street in Boston’s Chinatown in the late 90s. Eyes gazed onto a sudden onset of hookers, dead of winter, fur coats scrupulously flashing bikini-clad bodies to passing cars in sub-zero temperatures.They’d cruise around the block, only to return within minutes and repeat as I watched in awe …

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The Original DIYers

If you’re anything like me, you’re old enough to have had grandparents who survived the great depression, the utmost faction of survivalists who knew how to fix the hell out of anything. “Waste not, want not” was the creed. My grandfather had a beautiful used, Oldsmobile Delta 88. “Beautiful Used” was a good thing back then. Nowadays, you buy a cell …

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An Open Letter To The Subway

I’ve been riding you for some time now. Your windows are like movie stills. In the first scene, a homeless man sleeps off a drunk oblivion. He’s still, but you speed him away as I watch from the platform. What did Einstein say? The speed of light is finite, but we’re in two different spaces. I can’t pretend to totally …

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Why I’m A Pro-Sex/Pro-Celibacy Feminist

I remember visiting London in the 90s–the phone booths were plastered with T&A ads. I was the stereotypically shocked American, raised on “goodness” and “Catholicism.” We can all see where that went. Anyone catch the flick “Spotlight”? It was quickly explained to me by my British friend that sex isn’t nearly as much of a big deal in Europe as …

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