The Summer of Weird Politics and Lazy Footwear

I have to tell you. This summer has been amazing. Amazingly crazy. I mean. Turn on the news or log onto twitter and it’s crazy. Armageddon-y af out here. And not in that like, meteoroid-hits-earth-Bruce-Willis kind of way. Like real shit. Real, deeply embedded shit that no one has wanted to talk about for years. And this. If you need …

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Why It’s Important To Express Grief

I found myself on the highway tonight, listening to Zap Mama, Brrrlak. The sky was perfect and blue. An American Kestrel flew overhead. Everything should have felt right, but it didn’t. Something was moving around inside me. From my Solar Plexus, something felt stuck and was aching to get out. It moved, climbing it’s way up to my throat. The trees looked …

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Cocteau Twins: Cherry-Coloured Funk

The first time I heard the Cocteau Twins, I was sitting in a convenience store parking lot smoking a marlboro red. I was wearing all black and harboring a deep, dark crush on some emotionally unavailable, goth kid. Liz Fraser’s voice on Heaven or Las Vegas plunged into my heart and every care melted away. It was sad, hopeful and crushing all it …

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Prince Taught Me How To Be A Diva


As I sit here recovering from a long week, I’m reveling, once again, in the music of Prince. The day I found out Prince died I was sitting in my doctor’s office. My friend texted me right before I went in. All I saw in the text were the words, “Prince” and “dead.” I couldn’t even speak. All I could …

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Preciosa Puerto Rico, Island of Enchantment

My wanderlust started when I was still an angsty, little goth-punk, because in the spirit of DIY, if you tell me something can’t be done, I have to do it. During college, I went cross country in a 1967 split window VW bus with four friends. We camped for 30 nights in 33 states. I hadn’t so much as even …

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