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Where’s my charming, crate digger?

I grew up surrounded by dusty, Motown and Rock n’ Roll album jackets. I was a pretend DJ at five years old, playing Hall and Oates while recording fake callers and polling listeners. I spent my childhood digging around crates full of vinyl that my parents collected–the Beatles, Drifters, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, so when a guy …

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I Base My Dating Decisions on Record Collections

My best friend used to call him “concert t-shirt boy”. He was the kid in town that owned about 40 band t-shirts. Every day, we would see him walking Main Street with a different band. The week he got a Guns N’ Roses t-shirt he wore it two days in a row. Concert t-shirt boy tried to kiss me once …

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My attempt at being a dominatrix

We met on a social media site. My friend convinced me to take this dating bull by the horns.  Play up my dominant persona. What could it hurt? I was growing tired of falling in love with youtube guitar-heroes, subscribing to their channels in hope’s they might spy my cute account pic and dream about running their calloused fingers through …

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Ask my Abuela: advice even your favorite dude bro would wince at

Me: How many kids is ideal to have? Abuela: Two is enough. Me: How much jelly did you make this year? Her: I no maka much..I only make a case….never make grape jelly and leave-a da tea on. Me: How long are you going to live? Her: Until God take-a me,  I’m gonna be here.  After? You do whatchu want …

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