vəˈräɡō/: a woman of strength or spirit; a female warrior.


All We Are Is All We Got: Erykah Badu and A New Breed of Healers

I’m going to be myself, Erykah. I guess there’s a part of me that’s also an analog girl in a digital world even though I’m touching technology all the time. I still didn’t know craigslisters could transfer their Live Nation tickets to another person, so I wasn’t sure if this dude was going to scam me. He didn’t sound too …

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Virago’s List of Best and Worst Love Songs (Ara’s)

1) Into Your Arms/Nick Cave Nick Cave can murder us with eroticism then resurrect us with something biblical. “Into Your Arms” is a six inch gold blade cutting through a faint heart. It is mutiny in heaven and the messiah ward. You will get lost in the music, like a rainy night in Soho in God’s motel. Love is like …

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Where have all the rock chicks gone?

Superbowl Sunday was all it was hyped to be and then some. The much favored 49ers against the underdog Ravens plus high drama, lights going out, random no-calls and hard-crushing hits. However,  despite this being one of the best Superbowls I’ve ever seen, I was also impressed with the healthy dose of female adrenaline that came in the form of the half-time show. …

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Where’s my charming, crate digger?

I grew up surrounded by dusty, Motown and Rock n’ Roll album jackets. I was a pretend DJ at five years old, playing Hall and Oates while recording fake callers and polling listeners. I spent my childhood digging around crates full of vinyl that my parents collected–the Beatles, Drifters, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, so when a guy …

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