vəˈräɡō/: a woman of strength or spirit; a female warrior.


Internet Killed the Video Star

  The only stations worth hearing in a college town are from a garage floor soaked in motor oil. My sister has a boyfriend with a sister at NYU who knows Martha Quinn and Martha bought these boots in New York and sent them home with her. Somehow my sister has them now. Martha Quinn’s leather boots! MTV launches on …

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I was a Teenage Zombie

Photo credit: Brad Elterman

Everett Massachusetts. 1982 Walking. No, drudging to school. High School. A world of unknowns to me. A world of strangers. Chum for the shark infested waters. Forced to attend. Until…. (KEY MUSIC: I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL: Drum intro, guitars.) Interest piqued. (KEY MUSIC: I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL: Joan Jett begins to sing) I HEARD that. I felt my …

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Serendipity, Satisfaction, and Carole King

Last Friday, I happened to have a few hours to spare between a morning doctor’s appointment in North Cambridge and an afternoon meeting in Roxbury. With a birthday gift needed for that night and some writing to do, I decided to spend my spare hours at Porter Square Books. I’d buy Kate Atkinson’s new book in the bookstore, then drink …

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All We Are Is All We Got: Erykah Badu and A New Breed of Healers

I’m going to be myself, Erykah. I guess there’s a part of me that’s also an analog girl in a digital world even though I’m touching technology all the time. I still didn’t know craigslisters could transfer their Live Nation tickets to another person, so I wasn’t sure if this dude was going to scam me. He didn’t sound too …

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