vəˈräɡō/: a woman of strength or spirit; a female warrior.


Applying for Housing at a Trump Property in the ’60s

Fred C. Trump with his son Donald visiting a tenant in one of their apartment buildings in Brooklyn in January 1973. Credit Barton Silverman/The New York Times

In the 1960s, Mae Wiggins and her friend Maxine Brown applied for housing at the Wilshire Apartments in the Jamaica Estates neighborhood of Queens, N.Y. Ms. Wiggins recalls her experience clearly, and is said to have been one of the many who experienced discriminatory practices on the part of Fred Trump and his protégés. In two court cases, built on evidence …

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Google Honors LGBTQ Pride Rainbow Flag Creator: Gilbert Baker

Gilbert Baker and Pride Celebrated by Google

Friday’s Google Doodle is honoring Gilbert Baker’s 66th birthday. Baker is someone people may not even have heard of, though they’ve seen his work innumerable times and will continue to see during next month as the world celebrates LGBTQ Pride. Baker invented the rainbow flag. Baker died earlier this year, on March 31, so Google is right on time with his …

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How Thinking Too Big Can Kill Your Creativity

As artists, we tend to think in huge, Herculean hurtles. After all, we are dramatic…and that’s GOOD. The problem is that we have been brainwashed into thinking that more (all at once) is not only better, it’s more plausible than step-by-step momentum. Blame it on our consumer-driven society or early teachers who stuck our artistic child into a corner. “This painting lacks depth” or …

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Spring/Summer 2017–TV’s Season of Substance

The Kind of Smart Sattire We’ve Been Waiting For I don’t get to watch much television, but once I find a good show, I’m all in. This year, I’m just in awe of how bold and beautiful independent shows are getting. Cheap tropes be gone. Strong dialogue from real characters are here and they’re not going anywhere. Outlets like Netflix …

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Drunk In Dubai, Cardi B Calls Out Haters & Music Industry

It’s really hard not to love Cardi B especially when she gets drunk and calls out the music industry, talks about love and loyalty and the heavy price tag of fame while sharing glorious views of Dubai. Cardi is nothing if not 100 percent authentic. Love her. Watch “Lick” (Official Video)here.

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