vəˈräɡō/: a woman of strength or spirit; a female warrior.


Solar Eclipse Slated To Bring The Love

Solar Eclipse 2017

Many of us have been pondering the instabilities of the planet and the political climate lately. An absolutely abysmal presidential cabinet, KKK rallies and counter protests have our heads spinning. With all of these shifts going on, it’s nice to gaze up at the stars and count your blessings. I took astronomy in college. I wasn’t all the interested at …

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How Getting Good Sleep & Cutting Back On Coffee Helped My Mood

No one wants to admit that sleep is probably the most crucial part of living. It’s true though. Scientists have proven that you can go three times longer without food than you can without sleep. But in this “grind or die” culture, sleep is the first thing to go. Lack of sleep is easily justified by chugging down copious amounts …

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Google Doodle honors Mexican actress Dolores del Río

Google Doodle Honors Dolores Del Rio

Across the US and Mexico today, Google‘s Doodle is featuring  a loving tribute to the legendary Dolores del Río on August 3 — the actress’s birthday in 1904. Dolores del Río was discovered by American filmmaker and director Edwin Carewe, and then followed a remarkable film career in 1925, appearing in films such as “What Price Glory?,” “Ramona”, “Madame du Barry” and “Journey into Fear,” making …

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20 Minutes On Tinder

Who do you love? Or who do you wanna love? Tonight?   By now, most of us are thoroughly familiar with Tinder. Shoot, a swipe could get you a ticket to Burning Man these days. With over 2 million downloads, it’s the most ridiculously easy thing to install. Within minutes you’re perusing potential suitors for a date, a conversation, a …

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5 Ways To Handle Toxic Friendships

Lots of literature talks about friendships as if they don’t function in the same way relationships do. Rubbish. I can assure you from experience that whatever codependent hang ups you’ve experienced with romantic partners will play out with your friends too. Here’s some ways to be assertive and decide whether or not your friendship is worth working through. Be aware …

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