vəˈräɡō/: a woman of strength or spirit; a female warrior.


What Social Media Has Done to Socializing

Social Media Party During a conversation with my sister a few weeks ago, I found myself giving the “move it along” hand also known as the hurry-it-the-fuck-up finger swipe. She was taking longer than a status update to tell me about the dream she had the night before. I realized in that moment how much social media had impacted my …

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Feature Artist: Malinda Prudhomme

Given the climate in fashion these days, it is refreshing to find an artist that creates images of of woman as strong and substantive. Malinda Prudhomme works in a variety of styles and mediums, but what first drew me to her work was her wonderful images of women as real people with attitude and bodies that aren’t ethereal, but glory …

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The Cure: Speak My Language

On a small corner lot in the middle of a field turned suburbia, I heard the Cure for the first time. This was 1985 in small town Ohio and MTV was still playing music like it was radio. You knew exactly what was on rotation. But there was a show called Friday Night Videos that no one really watched. It was obscure …

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Why It’s Still Cool to Be Punk

That reason I fell in love with punk rock is because I’m secretly afraid of authority. There, I said it. Punk gave me permission to be rebellious and ugly without fear of recrimination. Punk also gave me permission to not exactly know what the fuck was going on. Before punk rock, there were feather boas, pretty shaved legs, perms, thin …

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