vəˈräɡō/: a woman of strength or spirit; a female warrior.


I was a Teenage Zombie

Photo credit: Brad Elterman

Everett Massachusetts. 1982 Walking. No, drudging to school. High School. A world of unknowns to me. A world of strangers. Chum for the shark infested waters. Forced to attend. Until…. (KEY MUSIC: I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL: Drum intro, guitars.) Interest piqued. (KEY MUSIC: I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL: Joan Jett begins to sing) I HEARD that. I felt my …

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Serendipity, Satisfaction, and Carole King

Last Friday, I happened to have a few hours to spare between a morning doctor’s appointment in North Cambridge and an afternoon meeting in Roxbury. With a birthday gift needed for that night and some writing to do, I decided to spend my spare hours at Porter Square Books. I’d buy Kate Atkinson’s new book in the bookstore, then drink …

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The 80’s were weird for me and America. Knee-high memories of hanging out at the Jordan Marsh cosmetic counter while my Mom sold middle-aged women on their “Season palettes.” I was a warm, winter autumn. I still am. You’ll never take that from me. Cool colors just look BETTER on me. First of all, shoulder pads. What were those? Assert your …

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All We Are Is All We Got: Erykah Badu and A New Breed of Healers

I’m going to be myself, Erykah. I guess there’s a part of me that’s also an analog girl in a digital world even though I’m touching technology all the time. I still didn’t know craigslisters could transfer their Live Nation tickets to another person, so I wasn’t sure if this dude was going to scam me. He didn’t sound too …

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