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Is the World Round?

Cate Blanchett calls out the paparazzi at the SAG Awards as it pans closely over her from head-to-toe, asking the camera “Do you do that to the guys?

In recent years, there’s been an exceptional amount of self-esteem championing around women. As Cate Blanchette proudly stated in her Oscar acceptance speech, “The World Is Round.” Women of all shapes, sizes, sexual orientations and ethnic backgrounds are tired of being fed a mixed bag of white, male-appropriated fantasies of what they should or should not be. “I remember a …

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Where Can A Girl Get a Drink Around Here?

Ever had an Americano? No, not talking about the coffee, I’m talking about the cocktail. Well head over to the Avery Bar where mixologist, Jayki will fix you the historic and peaceful concoction. Happily hob nobbing with these Bostonians was Detroit’s own Stephanie K, noted singer/songwriter who, one night prior, sang the national anthem at the Celtics-Nets. Along with a …

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TxE – Shash Thumper (Blouse)

Portland hip hop group TxE, AKA Tope, AKA Epp, break from the crowd and proceed to drop a genre-expanding, sonic tab of acid into the bland landscape of hip hop influenced pop. ‘Shasha Thumper’. Produced by Calvin Valentine, better known as G_Force, is aided by an atmospheric sample from hometown indie heroes ‘Blouse.’ This melancholy mutation of classic hip hop beats …

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