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Virago Magazine – Your Amazon Prime Oscar viewing Pre-Party

Oscars 2018

Have you planned your Oscar party yet?  If you’re anything like me, you’re still in your pajamas and haven’t even caught up on all latest film releases. Personally, I’ve only seen about four of the nominees. What can I say? We lead busy lives and some of us get Nor’easters that try to blow us away like Dorothy in the …

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18 Incredible Gift Ideas Under $10

What To Wear: Winter Edition

1 / 19 PHOTO:Collage Vintage As much as we would all love to gift our friends every last item on their Amazon wish list, most of us are living on a budget and can’t possibly afford it. We’ve got bills, rent, mortgages, student loans and a girl gotta eat! But that’s not reason that you can’t gift perfectly on a budget. Ahead, …

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Celebrity Halloween Costumes That Rocked Our World This Year

Kim Kardashian As Cher On Halloween

Crazy that Halloween is already upon us. If you’re East Coast living, the weather has been pretty warm and great for Halloween outings and if you’re a little West, it’s been hotter than ever which was all the more reason for Hollywood to turn it out! We’re absolutely loving the creativity of the costumes this year. The Hamilton creator and star dressed …

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How I Applied All of My Make Up With One Beauty Blender

I have to admit, I’ve been a little skeptical about the amount of attention beauty blenders have been garnering. I was trained in classical make up application–sponges, brushes, fingers and q-tips. Also, I’ve seen some of the price tags on designer beauty blenders and balked a little. But beauty blenders run the gambit of dollar store to fenty, so there’s …

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How Netflix “Chef’s Table” Got Me Back Into Cooking

Netflix's "Chef's Table" Documentary Series

This time of year is ripe for apple-pickin’, netflexin’ and chillin’ and I’ve been knee deep in documentaries series on Netflix. Why? Well, partly because I am a little spent on apocalyptic crime dramas and also because it’s that time of year when the wind signals a chilly transition to nesting/cuffing season. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Narcos—-to …

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