vəˈräɡō/: a woman of strength or spirit; a female warrior.


How I Applied All of My Make Up With One Beauty Blender

I have to admit, I’ve been a little skeptical about the amount of attention beauty blenders have been garnering. I was trained in classical make up application–sponges, brushes, fingers and q-tips. Also, I’ve seen some of the price tags on designer beauty blenders and balked a little. But beauty blenders run the gambit of dollar store to fenty, so there’s …

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How Netflix “Chef’s Table” Got Me Back Into Cooking

Netflix's "Chef's Table" Documentary Series

This time of year is ripe for apple-pickin’, netflexin’ and chillin’ and I’ve been knee deep in documentaries series on Netflix. Why? Well, partly because I am a little spent on apocalyptic crime dramas and also because it’s that time of year when the wind signals a chilly transition to nesting/cuffing season. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Narcos—-to …

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Why All These Budget Articles Didn’t Teach Me Shit About Saving Money

If I had to choose which article pointed me in the right direction of budget-sensibility, I probably wouldn’t choose any of them. Plain and simple, budgeting is so incredibly personal and every time I read a new article about it, it literally gives me indigestion. You mean, I wasn’t doing it right? I bring my lunch to work and I …

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How To Swing Into Autumn On The Cheap

If you’re anything like me, seeing folks running around in sweatshirts and utility jackets is usually a harbinger of my seasonal effective disorder. Many of us didn’t go to tropical resorts this past summer, so we’re probably feeling a little cheated. That said, there’s a bunch of ways to celebrate the last of these warm nights while welcoming that new …

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Five Quick And Easy Self-Confidence Boosters

Virago Magazine

Five Quick And Easy Self-Confidence Boosters Oh, if I were 21 again; that adage of youth being wasted on the young—well…sure it’s cliché, but I would probably trade youth for wisdom. So many of us wish we had the self-knowledge of ten years ago and the same stamina to stay up three nights in a row. I remember pulling all-nighters …

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How Pink And Alessia Cara Are Shifting Beauty Standards In The Music Industry

Pink and Alessia Cara At The VMAS

I can’t remember the last time I watched an awards show where I wasn’t at least 70 percent disappointed by lack of substance. Let’s face it, awards shows, especially of late, haven’t been noted for using their platforms to elucidate political issues. But in this era of post political Trumpism, were are media saturated. All of the ugly forces are …

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